Tibet Local Guide Shigatse Gyantse Lhasa Overland Scenic Drive

Shigatse to Lhasa via Karola Glacier and Lake Yamdrok 2020/2021

Shigatse-Gyangze-Lhasa one day overland scenic driving adventure: From Shigatse, there seems to be a high-speed trip to Lhasa, but I wanted to see the scenery, so I walked through Gyangze from a provincial road below. There is a scenic spot in the ancient castle of Zongshan in Gyangze, which is the background of the movie “Red River Valley”. Before entering the county seat, I saw the ancient castle on the mountain far away, and followed the navigation. The car actually climbed through the dense residential area and climbed to the mountainside, but it seems to be an iron gate above. , Can only look outside, not inside.

After taking a few photos, there was nothing to see, so I went straight to Lhasa. From Gyangze to Lhasa, the scenery is very good, there are idyllic, and then through the snow mountain, the snow mountain is within easy reach. (A viewing platform has been opened to the nearest place to Xueshan. It is 50 CNY per person to get off the bus. No money will be charged if you don’t get off the bus.) Then there will be villages, wetlands, plump water plants, and flocks of cattle and sheep. Then there is the big, blue, and beautiful Lake Yamdrok (Yang Zhuo Yongcuo). The road has been turning around the lake, and the camera has never stopped. Different levels of blue, different angles of snowy mountains, and transparent waterfronts, people ca n’t help but take out the camera.

When the road climbs to the top of the mountain, it doesn’t walk along the edge of the lake. It crosses the mountain to the other side. It measures speed downhill, and it must be driven for more than 47 minutes at 23 kilometers. Down the mountain, I saw the Yarlung Zangbo River. The water level was very high, and the trees all grew up in the water. There was a bridge across the river, with a height limit of 2 meters. I could n’t get through. I asked, but the river had a high speed after 20 kilometers. Then continue to drive along the river, go to high speed, and reach Lhasa smoothly.