Chimpu Hermitage Meditation Travel Sharing

In terms of Tibetan “Chimpu Meditation Hermitage site”, most of the valleys on the north bank of the Yarlung Tsangpo River are bare rock bodies. Only the green forests are deep in thickets. The sacred places of worship and temples in Tibet are very beautiful places. The ones that shocked me most are the Drak Yerpa Hermitage Cave monastery in Lhasa and the Luozhuo Wolong Temple in the south. They all feel like a cave and a temple.

The same is true of the Chimpu (Qingpu) practice site. Standing on the mountainside of the Chimpu practice site, you can see that the entire practice site is surrounded by mountains on three sides. With the wide field of vision in front of you, the valley is the bank of the Yarlung Zangbo River.

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I heard that practicing in Chimpu is a merit, that reading a six-character mantra in Qingpu is better than reading it a hundred times, and that one day in Qingpu is better than one year in other places. That is because there are legends that the Master of Lotus Life opened up Qingpu Holy Land and practiced in seclusion here, including King Chisong Dezan also practiced in the green Huayan Cave, and slowly it became a hidden sanctuary of Tibetan Buddhism.

We didn’t seem to follow the usual path. We walked along a path full of thorns. It was a bit dangerous, and sometimes we did n’t know how to stand. There were many bushes on the Chimpu Mountain and many branches were entangled. Many branches had thorns. There are thorny leaves on clothes and hair. It may take a few hundred meters to rise in altitude, but it takes about six hours to climb up a circle around the practice of green park.

When we climb the mountain, we will encounter some practitioners. They seem to be living in poverty but calm. The practice in Qingpu is really hard. It can only be done by the people under the mountain with the help of relatives and friends. The way of Chimpu practice is different. It varies from person to person. The literate person reads the scriptures, the illiterate person chants the six-character mantra.

Climbing a whole mountain, the green pristine practice site is even more “wild countryside” in this winter day. At an altitude of 4,300 meters, the environment is harsh and living conditions are difficult, but so many monks and nuns come here to learn practice. The belief in Tibetan Buddhism has always been one of the reasons that attracted me to come to Tibet. For the believers, maybe green simplicity is not just a practice of holy places, but because there are many sages seeking and teaching the Fa here, so many Practitioners come here.

If you want more experience reference from our Tibet travelers from Netherland who visited this spiritual site and many other buddhist sites such as Tibet Shedrak Crystal Caves in Yarlung Valley in the year 2017. Sheldrak Cave is a main visiting site in the lower Yarlung Valley as the entrance to the Yarlung Valley above Sheldrak Monastery. It was Guru Rinpoche or Padmasambhava’s first meditation cave in Tibet. From there, the indigenous forces and bad evils subjected to Buddhism and showed their loyalty. Please feel free to contact with Mr. Tony by or