Tibet Tour 2020-2021-2022 Safey Advice

Should I Travel to Tibet in 2020? Is it Safe Enough to Visit Tibet?

Travelers frequently ask whether it is safe to travel to Tibet. This common question on Tibet Travel Safety has no 100% correct answers. From different points of view, the answers vary from person to person. Let local Tibetan guide provide some suggestions and wish it can help answer your concern about travel safety issues in Tibet and lower your travel risks to Tibet.

Tibet Travel safety is the first concern for any travelers, let alone Tibet is as high as 4000 meters above sea level.

  • Some websites say the only answer to question “whether Tibet travel is safe or not?” is “Yes, it is safe.” Actually this is not a responsible answer and this may lead you to follow their suggestions to book a quick tour to Tibet.
  • The whole world keeps changing fast in these years and travel safety concerns become as first priority for all travelers. Tibet is a far travel destination for many overseas travelers. Even for some Chinese travelers, it is still quite a far distance, e.g, the train from Beijing, Shanghai or Guangzhou takes more or less around 48 hours, and there is even no direct flight from those mega cities to Lhasa (but with a stop in cities such as Xi’an or Chengdu, etc).
  • If you are experienced travelers with lots of traveling experience around the world, you will see that traveling to any capital cities in the whole world is not 100% safe, let alone Tibet is with such high altitude the average height of which is over 4000 meters above sea level.
  • The different Tibetan food, different sort of Tibetan alcohol drinks, road condition, natural topography, avalanche, earthquakes, landslides, etc adds up to the most complicated scenarios of travel risk in Tibet.
  • Even though the crime rate is low in Tibet, but there are stealing reports from Tibetan tour guides or travelers in every tour season. Sometimes travelers or guides lost their identity cards, or wallet, or travel permits, keys, etc. And it is very common when you travel in the Kailash mountain kora days.
  • Tibet mountain climbing is dangerous activity and climbers should check out the latest climate situation and travel restrictions from Tibet and Nepal government.

So please do not be misled to trust that Tibet is 100% safe for anyone to visit. You have to be careful enough and take precautionary measures before and during the Tibet tour. Most of the common misconceptions about safety and trouble in Tibet have come from some certain internet websites. So, let’s find work together to narrow down each of your travel risk in Tibet and ensure your travel can be in a safer zone.

Currently with the Novel Coronavirus spending around the globe, you’d better work hard and save money for next trip anywhere you feel safe enough to go. As of March 15, 2020, Tibet reports no new cases of COVID19, as responsible travel agent in Tibet, we do not suggest you to visit Tibet very soon. But Tibet is far from countries such has North America, South America, Europe, Australia and New Zealand, and some other asian countries as well, travelers can not avoid busy airports and long flight journey, or train journey, this may adds to the travel safety risks when you travel to high altitude of Tibet. If you are planning a Tibet tour in later 2020 or 2021, let reliable Tibet travel agency organize your trip in a responsible way.

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