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Tibet Weather and Dressing Guide in May

How is the weather in Tibet in May? What clothes to wear when traveling to Tibet in May? Foreign tourists who come to Tibet for tourism will be concerned about the weather in Tibet in May. What clothes and luggage should I wear to travel to Tibet in May? Let’s start with the weather in May in Tibet and the weather, temperature, and climate in various parts of Tibet.

The weather in Tibet was warm and humid in May, with rainy nights and a maximum temperature of 25 ° C. From this month, Tibet will bid farewell to the cold, and there will be a group of guests arriving in Tibet by plane or by Qinghai-Tibet Railway There will be lively scenes full of people in the scenic area. The lake has begun to melt, and the scenery has become more and more beautiful, but the temperature on the mountain at night may reach below 10 ℃, so warm measures must be taken. The warmer weather and changes in scenery have kept Tibet’s peak season until October. Compared with other months of the peak season, May is the month with fewer people in Tibet’s peak season, so May is arguably the best season for Tibet’s tourism.

Weather overview of Tibet in May:
Average minimum temperature (℃): 5
Average maximum temperature (℃): 19
The average temperature in Tibet (℃): 12
Average precipitation / rainfall (mm): 25

The average temperature of the weather in the areas of Tibet’s important attractions

Weather in Tibet in May: Lhasa City
Average minimum temperature (℃): 6
Average maximum temperature (℃): 20
Average precipitation / rainfall (mm): 26

Weather in Tibet in May : Namtso
Average minimum temperature (℃): -3
Average maximum temperature (℃): 11
Average precipitation / rainfall (mm): 31

Weather in May in Tibet: Linzhi
Average minimum temperature (℃): 12
Average maximum temperature (℃): 19
Average precipitation / rainfall (mm): 75

Weather in May in Tibet: Shannan
Average minimum temperature (℃): 1
Average maximum temperature (℃): 25
Average precipitation / rainfall (mm): 8

Weather in Tibet in May: Mount Everest Base Camp
Average minimum temperature (℃): -1
Average maximum temperature (℃): 15
Average precipitation / precipitation (mm): 7

Is it appropriate to travel to Tibet in May? Why do some customers choose to travel in May?

Weather conditions in Tibet in May: The temperature during the day (sunny day) can reach 25 ° C, and the temperature on the mountain and at night may be as low as 10 ° C. Traveling to Tibet at this time is very cost-effective and more suitable for tourism. With the advent of summer, the oxygen content in Tibet is gradually increasing. This is good news for foreign guests who are worried about the high reaction, but it should not be taken lightly. It is best to prepare for the anti-high reaction. May is the golden season of grassland and the best time to travel to Nagqu. For guests who want to see the grassland, it is more suitable for traveling to Tibet this month. The weather in May is dry, there is almost no rain, and the warm temperature makes people feel comfortable, so May is very suitable for mountaineering. Of course, May is also the peak of mountaineering.

How to dress in Tibet in May?

In May, the daytime temperature (clear weather) in Tibet can reach 20 ° C, and the temperature on the mountain and at night may be as low as 10 ° C, with a large temperature difference between day and night. Pay attention to bring warm clothing. Half-sleeves can be worn when there is sun during the day, but everyone should pay attention to avoid ultraviolet rays to burn the skin. At night, the weather will be relatively cold, and warm jackets will come in handy. Of course, some guests will choose to bring a thin down jacket or jacket. To avoid sun protection, it is recommended to bring a sun hat, sunglasses, and even apply some sunscreen. Some of our customers will wear a long-sleeved T-shirt on the outside of the short-sleeved sleeves. If the hot-sleeved shirts are removed, this program is for your reference.

Guide to traveling to Tibet in May

  1. May is one of the best months to visit Lhasa and other parts of Tibet. There are 8 hours of sunshine per day. The UV index is very strong. When the weather is warm, pay attention to sun protection.
  2. The weather in Tibet in May is suitable for an in-depth tour of Lhasa. Take a jump in front of the Potala Palace Square, record your first jump to Tibet; go to Jokhang Temple, touch the prayer wheel with your finger, feel the power of faith; taste the taste of sweet tea in Lhasa Sweet Tea House, and listen to Tibet The voices of local residents feel the enthusiasm of local people; you can lazily stroll in the warmth of the sun and leisurely stroll by the Lhasa River. In the Zongjiao Lukang Park, dance with the Tibetan compatriots, make friends with three or five people, go to Bajiao Street to buy some souvenirs and go back. At the same time, you can also stand on the meridian of Barkhor Street and pass by the pilgrims of Lhasa to experience the most authentic Lhasa. If you have enough time, you can take a look at the beautiful holy lake, climb the Everest Base Camp, see the mountains and small mountains, or you can travel along half of the Ali Ring Road in most of Tibet.
  3. The heat loss in plateau area is rapid, please bring your own high-calorie food to supplement your physical strength. Chocolate, compressed biscuits, vitamins, etc. can be prepared appropriately. When the temperature is high during the day, use good sunscreen and wear sunglasses to protect your eyes from bright sunlight. You should also wear a hat to cover your head to avoid direct sunlight. Although the wind is still not that cold, it can still be very pungent, so moisturizers and lip balm may be used in some places.
  4. May is the best time to go to Mount Everest or Aligang Rinpoche God Mountain. It is a good time for adventurous climbers.