What Changes Will Tibet Tourism Have after Coronavirus -COVID19? How will this infect Tibet Travelers

Tibet travel news: On January 26, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism issued a document urgently informing the National Travel Agency to suspend team travel. It has been almost two months now. These two months can be extremely difficult for our tourism practitioners. Drivers and various security teams have experienced many difficulties. But now we have gradually seen hope in Tibet tourism. The epidemic peak in China has passed. I believe it can be gradually restored by May-June. What changes will Tibet’s tourism industry have compared to the previous one? Under the simple prediction of the local guide in Tibet, if you have different opinions, please discuss them in the comment area.

First, the number of tourists in Tibet will increase significantly compared to other regions. It is not difficult to analyze from the disaster events in China’s SARS and some countries. After the disaster, there will always be a retaliatory growth in the tourism industry. Although the loss in income is visible to the naked eye, the money left for tourism in everyone’s hands will always be used. In tourism, it’s just a matter of time.

Why are there more people going to Tibet? Let ’s first compare outbound travel and domestic travel. As you can see from recent reports, foreign countries do not pay much attention to the epidemic, which leads to the increase in the number of foreign people abroad is much higher than domestic. Think carefully.

Why choose Tibet for domestic travel? First of all, Tibet is still more desirable to many people than other parts of China. Those who cannot go due to the epidemic will eventually find time to go again. Secondly, Tibet is the first choice for overseas travel to domestic travel, why do you say that? Because outbound travel mainly depends on the scenery, culture and history different from China, and Tibet is one of the most unique provinces in the country. Finally, Tibet has a sparse population and a low probability of infection, which has also reduced some tourists ’fears and fears, so I believe that after the epidemic, the number of tourists in Tibet will increase significantly.

Second, the independent customized group and small-scale team in Tibet will be more accepted by the public. The roads in the Tibetan areas were not very good. Many places are not suitable for the travel buses of dozens of people, so small group trips account for most of the trip. This epidemic will inevitably make small groups and even independent customized groups more popular with everyone. One less traveler is safer. And for reasons such as the anti-he road and regional development of Alishan South, self-driving tour is not the first choice in people’s minds.

Third, there will be a slight drop in tickets in Tibetan areas. Although the revenue of tickets is only a small part of the economic benefits of tourism, the price reduction of tickets has a strong traction. For example, although the entrance to the cloth palace in winter in previous years was free, it also made Lhasa more economical in the off-season. This covers the accommodation industry, catering industry, transportation industry, tourism and entertainment industry, tourism supplies and souvenir sales industry in Lhasa. And other related industries.

Fourth, fewer holidays and fewer tourists. Although many enterprises have resumed work now, students across the country are still on holiday. Correspondingly, the holidays will be shortened after the epidemic, reducing the time for families to go out to play.

Fifth, after the epidemic is over, Tibet will be stricter due to medical conditions. In the short term, it is also necessary to increase sanitation and safety protection, disinfection supplies and disposable supplies, which will lead to increased tourism costs.

Of course, the above are all speculations by Tibet local Guide. After the COVID19 epidemic, the Tibet tourism industry will definitely grow, but it is always slow and will not climb as fast as the catering industry. Even this year’s May Day and National Day will be more bleak than in previous years, but we believe that although the epidemic has dealt a great blow to us, it will always come to an end and Tibet tourism will one day return to normal. We still want more people to understand Tibet and fall in love with Tibet.