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Tibet Tourism in Tsetang Shannan Reopen after COVID19 Pandemic in 2020

On April 17, the Shannan Municipal Government of the Tibet Autonomous Region and the Tourism Development Department of the Autonomous Region (referred to as the “Tibet Travel and Development Agency”) hosted the “2020 Tibet Tour for Shannan Tourism in Tibet” Promotion Conference in Lhasa. Wang Songping, director of the Tibet Tourism Development Bureau, said that nearly three months after the suspension of the tourism industry in Tibet, all scenic spots in the “Tibetan” Shannan city took the lead in reopening to the citizens and tourists of the region.
“Tourism in the region is gradually leading the market segment.” Wang Songping said that in 2019, the number of tourists in Tibet exceeded 40 million, and more than half of them were Tibetans visiting Tibet. This proportion will increase in 2020.
“This promotion will be based on the ‘Tibetan travel to Tibet‘ activity initiated by the Tibet Tourism Bureau, and at the same time when the May Day holiday is coming, it will show the Tibetan people’s superior tourism resources to the Tibetan people.” Shannan Tourism Development Bureau Director Luo Yun said that this is also an initiative to help the tourism industry in Shannan City to resume production.

The picture shows Lebugou located in Cuona County, Shannan City (data map). Photo courtesy of Shannan Tourism Development Bureau
Luo Yun said that according to relevant requirements, the Shannan Tourism Development Bureau issued the “Ten Measures for Promoting the Resumption of Production and Resumption of Production by Tourism Enterprises in Shannan City” (“Measures”), which includes hard measures for epidemic prevention and control, and soft measures to support related practitioners. . “Further enhance the confidence and determination of Shannan City to restore the tourism industry.”
“Under the current situation where cross-provincial tourism is not yet possible, Shannan City is one step ahead. I believe this is also a warm-up to the tourism market in Tibet.” Liang Jinhua, deputy director of the Tourism Development Bureau of Shannan City, said that more Tibetan people will be able to achieve peripheral tourism, Suburbs and holidays.

The picture shows the Yangzhuo Yongcuo (data map) located in Shannan City. Photo courtesy of Shannan Tourism Development Bureau
According to Liang Jinhua, according to the “Measures”, Shannan City will explore the issuance of “Shannan Public Welfare Tourism Annual Card”, integrate the city’s food, accommodation, travel, shopping, entertainment and tourism companies, and implement free travel and discounts in a specific time period to stimulate tourism potential. consumption. And extend the “Winter Trip to Tibet” policy to May 15 (specifically, the extension period of the “Winter Trip to Tibet” policy of the Tibet Autonomous Region).
As the management and management unit of scenic spots in Shannan City, such as Yangzhuo Yongcuo, Wang Guohong, general manager of Tibet Cultural Tourism Company, said that the scenic spot will continue to implement the half-price sales policy in 2020, and at the same time implement the “one entry, one measurement, one registration” system according to relevant requirements, Carry out peripheral killings, guide tourists to wear masks, scan codes into the park, etc.

However Tibet tourism is not fully reopen yet for foreign travelers. As of April 23, all foreign travelers can not receive Tibet travel permits for entry and traveling in Tibet. If you are planning a tour of Tibet in the near or distant future, please feel free to email to for more local details.