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Tibet Tourism Helps Poor People to Get Rich

People’s Daily, Linzhi, April 21 (Zhu Jie) Sonam is a Tibetan villager in Jieba Village, Bahe Town, Gongbujiangda County, Linzhi City. Because of his disability, his family’s economic conditions have not been ideal. In 2019, Sonam found a job as a security guard in the Bassong Scenic Area.

“In the New Year ’s Day of Linzhi in 2020, our family bought a lot of new furniture and appliances, and the house was renovated. We lived in a brand-new home, and the family had a particularly happy and happy New Year. Now, there are not many tourists in the Basongcuo scenic area. But my salary has not changed, and my family’s life has been guaranteed. I am especially grateful to Tibet Tourism Co., Ltd for this job. “Solam said.

It is understood that there are 421 local employees of Tibet Travel Co., Ltd., accounting for more than 50% of the total number of employees. The annual salary is about 15.13 million yuan, and the five insurance and one payment are paid in full. Among the front-line employees in the scenic spots, the indigenous people accounted for 60% -85%; in 2019, the company also recruited 26 graduates of Tibet Shengyuan University at a salary standard that was better than that of the same industry.

Hu Feng, President of Tibet Tourism Co., Ltd. said, “Since the COVID19 outbreak of the new crown epidemic, the tourism industry in Tibet has been affected to a certain extent. Under the pressure of high cost costs, the company has achieved no reduction in staff and salary. Now, Tibet Tourism is recovering step by step. , We are making preparations for the peak season of Tibet tourism. “

As well as Solang, Lausanne on the Yarlung Zangbo Grand Canyon Scenic Area, as a native of the Grand Canyon, used limited resources to sell some local products, but this does not guarantee the family’s living expenses. Lausanne said: “With the help of Tibet Tourism Co., Ltd., our family opened a homestay and at the same time drove neighbors to sell local products together. Now we can learn not only Mandarin but also e-commerce to sell local products.”

“Offering people the fish is worse than teaching people to fish. Targeting some cardholders and helping them open family hotels and restaurants is the most basic way to solve poverty.” Hu Feng said. It is understood that from 2018 to 2019, Tibet Tourism Co., Ltd. issued a Huimin Fund of 10.3573 million yuan, absorbing 50 people from card-holders.