Promoting the Resumption of Tourism Production in Tibet

2020-04-18 07:50 Source: Xinhua News Agency Xinhua News Agency, Lhasa, April 17 (Reporter Chen Shangcai): The Tourism Development Department of the Tibet Autonomous Region launched four rural tourism boutique routes in Lhasa on the 17th. These routes revolve around the layout of rural tourist spots that Tibet has been striving to build in recent years, including the tracing tour of the peach village in the rural village of Eastern Tibet, the red valley tour of the southern Tibetan village, the farming leisure trip in the pastoral of western Tibet, and the black tent in the pastoral of northern Tibet. The itinerary is 2 to 3 days, suitable for tourists in the area.

The tracing tour of the peach village in the nostalgic village of eastern Tibet mainly focuses on the natural landscape of the Peach Blossom Season in Nyingchi and the layout of the red tourist landscape. It recommends red attractions such as the Bomi Taohuagou, Basongcuo and Bomi Red House; The ditch is the main attraction, and it recommends natural landscapes and red tourist attractions such as Mama Village, Wild Wolf Valley, Rangrong Lake, and Zhegucuo. The rural leisure tour in the western Tibetan countryside is based on agriculture and recommends the integration of rural industries in Bailang County.

Demonstration parks, Qushui County National Rural Industry Integration Development Demonstration Park and Jiangzi Zongshan Anti-British Ruins and other tourist attractions; the black tents of the northern Tibetan animal husbandry and slow-moving visitors promote Yangbajing Hot Spring, Deji Tibetan Home, Dadong Village and other scenic spots.

Wang Songping, director of the Tourism Development Department of the Tibet Autonomous Region, said that although tourism in Tibet was greatly affected by the new coronary pneumonia epidemic, the overall trend continued to improve. The launch of quality routes will promote the recovery of rural tourism and continue to increase the income of farmers and herdsmen.

At present, under the premise of good epidemic prevention and control, Tibet’s natural scenic spots are being opened to tourists in the area in an orderly manner. The Namtso Lake Scenic Area has been reopened to tourists in the area on April 15th. The Basongtso Scenic Area will implement a free ticket preferential policy for tourists with ID cards in the area before May 1. At the same time, travel agencies have begun to provide accommodation and travel consultation services for tourists in the area.