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2020 -2021 Practical Tibet Travel Booking Advice By Local Tibetan Guides

As of March 9, 2020, COVID-19 resulted to more than 105,000 people contracting the deadly virus, with at least 3,559 people having died, according to Johns Hopkins University. The majority of the cases and deaths have been in China, where the virus was first detected in Wuhan in December before spreading to every continent except Antarctica. The outbreak of the virus, known officially as COVID-19, has been declared global health emergency by The Who (World Health Organization). South Korea, Italy and Iran have the highest national totals of confirmed cases behind China with confirmed cases numbers of over 5000 for each of the countries.

Tibet Travel Safety ConcernSo far it has become a huge public concern for safe travel across the globe right now. However especially with the high altitude traveling in Tibet the average altitude of which is over 4,000 meters above sea level, it is even more critical to bare in mind that you should pay much more attention to Tibet travel planning than travel to any other destinations in the world. Here let  Tibetan local guides tourism service team  provide you the most practical safe Tibet travel booking guidelines and essential travel advices.

For a worry free Tibet travel booking, the Tibet travel tips below are what YOU MUST consider.

Guidelines around safe Tibet travel have become increasingly complex because of the serious travel restrictions in Tibet on foreign travelers, and this was true even before any viruses pandemic situation. As is known to all that all foreign travelers must hold legal travel documents to assure that they can enter and travel in Tibet legally, otherwise they will meet lots and lots of travel problems before and during traveling in Tibet. here below are the practical guidelines for how to book a Tibet tour with hassles free.

Travel to Tibet after Corona Viruses

  • 1、 Book a Tibet tour at least 2-4 weeks before your arrival date to Tibet for getting your Tibet travel permits on time;
  • 2、But, You DO NOT HAVE TO book TIBET trips FAR early enough;
  • 3、As of point No.2 mentioned above, all foreign travelers would better not travel in Tibet in any February or March every year due to permits restrictions;
  • 4、Do not rely TOO much on commercial advertisement on google adds or social media such as YouTube videos;
  • 5、Do not rely TOO much on guidebooks recommendation;
  • 6、Value your time spent on sorting out and finalizing your Tibet Tour Booking;
  • 7、 Evaluate your own health situation, and buy compulsory travel insurance;
  • 8、Avoid the crowded public transport such as train journey;
  • 9、 Useful Tibet travel guidelines for health concern:
    a) Wash your hands!
    b) Keep distance from sick people.
    c) Prepare your family, and communicate your plan about evacuations, resources and supplies;
  • 10、 Last but not least, have some must-take necessities to keep healthy and safe during travel.

Read more details for your Tibet Travel Safety as specified as below

1) Book a Tibet tour at least 2-4 weeks before your arrival date to Tibet, and only in this way can it be guaranteed that your Tibet travel permits application can go smoothly and can come out on time.

Foreign Travelers Must have Tibet Travel Permits to travel in Tibet with Tibetan Guide
Travelers Must have Tibet Travel Permits

2) But, You DO NOT HAVE TO book TIBET trips FAR early enough, as the information becomes more and more transparent nowadays, you can pick your ideal Tibet tours very quickly once you decide to travel to Tibet. So a booking around 3-6 months before traveling to Tibet is never necessary or never a must anymore, and this was true since 2019 from our insight point of view. Why do we say this way is because you never know what will happen in the world in this fast changing worldwide situation no matter whether it is economically, politically, or naturally, for instance, the tourism maybe seriously infected by things such as sudden economy inflation or deflation (like the fast Bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers which resulted to worldwide financial crisis), pandemic (like the Ebola or the current Novel Coronavirus outbreak), or tsunami, earthquake or hurricane, or even wars or riots which may lead to territories closure to any travelers), this kind of historical memories were still quite fresh if you do more research for the worldwide travel.

3) As of point No.2 mentioned above, all foreign travelers would better not travel in Tibet in any February or March every year. Because mostly no any permits can be applied for foreigners travel in Tibet.

4) Do not rely TOO much on commercial advertisement on google adds or social media such as YouTube videos, etc no matter through which Chanel you find a tour operator, since most of those highly exposed advertisement or media resources are well paid or highly commissioned to third party and actually all these money will be covered by your hard working saving money from your travel spending.

5) Do not rely TOO much on guidebooks recommendation no matter what type it is, as books were written quite some time ago, while traveling is quite up to the date, you do need the well updated local insight information to build your confidence of reliable and instantly while handy information. So keep reading and searching what is going on right now.

6) Value your time for easier Tibet Tour Booking! When you find trustworthy local Tibetan travel operators or tourism service team (mostly almost all of these are well recommended on TripAdvisor or trust-pilot or Yelp, etc, you do not have to spend TOO much of your PRECIOUS time to communicate by email or phone call back and forth for quite a long time but for a overall quite similar trip itinerary, maybe after you do that way, the most possible results would be like this: you spend even half a year to email someone who you believe you can trust, but finally get the very same or similar trip (sometimes the trip may be even identical with the trip on many websites), however you may have to pay for a much higher price than the market price, however if you do feel it is very much worthy to do so, you can, but PLEASW DO VALUE your time for your trip planning. What we suggest is, you spend less time on booking, but more time on learning the local tour destination’s tourism attractions, the people, the culture, and the buddhism, and the life of Tibetans, and this will absolutely deepen your understanding after your short period of time of traveling in Tibet.

7) Evaluate your own health situation, because Tibet is such high destination, with average altitude over 4,000 matters above sea level, you have to be careful on AMS (Acute Mountain Sickness) and you can google out lots and lots of information or travel warning and many knowledgeable people did have some reliable travel advice on Tibet tours, such as gradual ascending to high altitude, with longer period of acclimatization, and healthy food, and healthy drinks, etc.

8) Avoid the crowded public transport, such as buses or Tibet trains and (Yangtze River Cruises). Even though the Qinghai Tibet train travel gets more and more popular, however this train line actually is not as clean as you imagine, it is long time train journey, and cleaning system is not what you wish at all. In comparison with other train travel out of Tibet, it looked better and faster by the EXPRESS – High Speed train in other parts of China, while for Tibet section, you’d better avoid the summer months (too busy and train ticketing is not always easy, some travel websites claim they can assure you the train tickets, but only when tickets remained available you can buy even by yourself without any agents involved at all, since all is on internet nowadays, train and flights ticketing also gets easier and easier.

Tibet train travel - Please choose the right time only.
Please well select the right season for train travel to avoid crowded season!
Minimize cruises trip and this is a worldwide suggestion in 2020, so keep an eye on it for safety concern.

9) Useful Tibet travel guidelines for health concern: Recently There is a major outbreak named coronavirus which has been spreading around the globe. It was first identified in Wuhan in Hubei Province of China, as of late December 2019. This specific strain is called COVID-19. As of March 5, 2020, it is known that the coronavirus is zoonotic, meaning that it can be transmitted between animals and people. The SARS-CoV was first transmitted from civet cats to humans, and the MERS-CoV from dromedary camels to humans. The coronavirus is a respiratory illness that spreads through person-to-person contact or through respiratory droplets produced when an infected person coughs or sneezes. The illness may present itself with flu-like symptoms including fever, cough, and shortness of breath. It can take anywhere from two days to two weeks for the symptoms to appear after a person has been infected with the virus. However, in many people, there are no symptoms.

  • a) Wash your hands! Scrub with soap and water for at least 20 seconds, and then dry them with a clean towel or let them air dry.
  • b) Keep distance from sick people. Try to stay six feet away from anybody showing flu- or cold-like symptoms, and don’t go to work if you’re sick.
  • c) Prepare your family, and communicate your plan about evacuations, resources and supplies. Experts suggest stocking at least a 30-day supply of any needed prescriptions. Consider doing the same for food staples, laundry detergent and diapers, if you have small children.
  • Select and Buy Travel Insurance to cover any possible scenarios to help avoid any potential economy burdens. Reference info here:

10) Last but not least, have some must-take necessities to keep healthy and safe during travel. You should have quality face masks and necessary hand sanitizers, wet towers, water bottles and some healthy dry food, and local currency of cash. This is true when you have necessary train journey in China.

Tibet-China Inbound and Outbound Tourism Infected by Novel Coronavirus 2020
Face Masks are necessary when you feel quite unsafe during too crowded travel destination or public zones

The travel sector itself is expected to take a hit in the coming months worldwide, according to the trade group U.S. Travel Association, which said international inbound travel to the U.S. will fall 6% over the next three months, marking the steepest decline since the 2008 financial crisis. However it will be a like skyrocket and the tourism in Tibet will meet the bottom point of the skyrocket turn in the recent decade for sure, even though so far (as of March 9,2020) in Tibet, there is “0” case of COVID 19 which is to say that traveling in Tibet is however safer than most other places in the world, but the question is that, how can you enter Tibet? from which crowded airport or train station will you embark a vehicle or plane to Tibet? To what extent will you be able to avoid heavy crowd of people? China is never lack of population, please bare in mind that, even at the foot of Mt. Tangula pass (around 5000 meters) or Rongphu Monastery and Everest base camp nearby (5000-5100 matters) there are people working  and living there, so you can imagine that most airports and train stations will be very crowded.

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