Tibet-China Tourism Setback-Travel Cancellation Worldwide

Tibetan Tourism Suffers Record-High Damages from the Spread of Novel Coronavirus

Tourism in Tibet meets Unprecedented Setback

Recently, the novel coronavirus has brought the worst catastrophe tourism had never seen. With the tour banning and restrictions policies that emerged promptly all over the world, Tibet sees much less tour inquiries from travelers around the world, a drastic downturn compared with the same period in the previous years. Because January to March is normally a high season for foreign travelers to begin Tibet tour planning  for Tibet trips coming up from April onward.

“Been working in a travel Agency for over 40 years, agent Laura claimed coronavirus is the worst event in the industry’s history, be they plane crashes, 9/11, SARS, and the commissions cut in the nineties. What go along with the outbreak of the novel coronavirus are the canceling of trips, thousands of dollars’s loss, and the frozen market.” Read more: A travel agent with over 40 years of experience….

According to the CDC(USA Central Disease Control and Prevention), Common people are suggested to stay at home, which in another word, eliminates every possible travel intentions in the first place.

Recently, Health officials warned that travelers are at high risk of contacting with the illness in crowded places. Actions like taking part in conferences, public gatherings, religious gatherings, going public spaces like restaurants and shopping malls, and public transportation are all inadvisable. The CDC also denoted that going to an airport increases your risk of exposure to the potential coronavirus patient lurking around. And travelers should better avoid long flight journey or cruises.

Tibet Stays Safer due to Less Contagious Possibility

  1. The novel coronavirus originated in Wuhan, capital of Hubei, a city far away from Tibet. There are 4 possible ways for virus spreading in Tibet, through Xinjiang Autonomous Region, Qinghai province,Sichuan province and Yunnan province. Thanks to the high and steep Kunlun Mountains that stretch endlessly, virus is prohibited from 3 neighboring provinces which are Xinjiang, Sichuan, Yunnan province.
  2. The rest of the province-Qinghai has intensified the security against the novel coronavirus, and any inter-provincial coaches are cancelled. No virus could easily enter Tibet.
  3. Tibet areas are all in high altitude, this character in some degree will aggravate the symptoms of  coronavirus. As Tibet is with such high altitude (with average 4000 meters above sea level) with very thin air and much lower oxygen especially in winter dry season, many Chinese tourists do not choose to go to Tibet at all.  Thus those who have caught in coronavirus and those elderly people, especially those who have underlying situation will not choose Tibet as their destinations.
  4. Winter is the off- season period in Tibet. Travelers are not large in number, which narrows down the possibility of virus spreading.

Statistics released by Health commission of the TAR (Tibet Autonomous Region) showed that, as of 8th March, 2020, Tibet got zero diagnosed patient, zero suspected case, zero intensive case and zero death case. the known one confirmed case in early February has recovered. There were no new case diagnosed with coronavirus so far.

Safe Tibet Travel Guidelines
Travel Safely and Travel Wisely

Tourism situation now manifests downward tendency. We suggest our customers not to book a trip in the near future. But we have faith that Tibet, as one of the top travel destinations in the world, will bound to revive eventually. We kindly suggest all overseas travelers who want to travel in Tibet, please keep yourself in sound condition and save hard working money for a better Tibetan experience in the future.

As a senior Tibet travel agency which focuses on serving foreign travelers with more than a decade’s experience, we could offer you the authentic Tibetan experience in the eyes of indigenous Tibetan. If you have any questions on a trip to our land, we are more than happy to provide you the updated information, and it would be more pleasure to organize any private tours or lower budget trip. Check out more @tibetlocalguide.com And do not hesitate to contact us info@tibetlocalguide.com. Tibet Local Guide authored this article.