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Tibet received 40 million visitors for the first time in 2019

Release time: 2020-01-08 11:07 Source: China Travel News Editor: Zhang Jing: Learned from the third meeting of the 11th People ’s Congress of the Tibet Autonomous Region, which opened on the 7th, that Tibet will receive more than 40 million domestic and foreign tourists in 2019, with revenue of 56 billion yuan. 400,000 farmers and herdsmen participate in the tourism industry, further helping to overcome poverty.

It is understood that the Tibetan cultural tourism industry chain is gradually improving, and has become an important way for farmers and herdsmen to transfer employment and increase income. The cultural and performing arts industry in the district has absorbed the transfer of employment from farmers and herdsmen by nearly 16,000, and the annual income per capita is nearly 17,000 yuan. The large-scale drama “Princess Wencheng” receives nearly 3 million tourists every year, has accumulated more than 4,000 jobs, and paid more than 230 million yuan in wages. The newly-launched reality drama “Golden City Princess” provides nearly 700 jobs. The two plays have become a brand project of the cultural tourism industry in Tibet, achieving a win-win situation in both economic and social benefits.

In recent years, Tibet has implemented the “Winter Trip to Tibet” policy, continuously improving the Tibet transportation conditions in and outside the region, and promoting the development of tourism. Since February 2018, Tibet has carried out three rounds of “Winter Trip to Tibet” activities aimed at stimulating the off-season tourism market. The first two rounds achieved a total of nearly 6 billion yuan in tourism revenue; the third round started in October 2019 and will end in March 2020. In addition, Tibet has also added 10 international and domestic routes in 2019, and has initiated the construction of three regional airports, including Shannan Longzi Airport.