Tibet Library

Tibet Autonomous Region Library will Resume Opening after COVID19

April 21, 2020 08:50 Source: People’s Net-People’s Daily: Lhasa, April 20 (Reporter Yuan Quan) The reporter learned from the Tibet Autonomous Region Library: According to the current situation of Tibet ’s current COVID19 epidemic prevention and control work deployment and the dynamic changes in the epidemic situation, the Tibet Autonomous Region Library will gradually resume public services from April 21st.

The library will regularly disinfect the venues and various facilities and equipment. After the library is opened, the books will be disinfected. At 1pm every day, the reading area will be ventilated and ventilated to maintain indoor air circulation.

On the occasion of World Book Day, in order to create a good atmosphere of “love reading, read good books”, the library of the Tibet Autonomous Region will actively promote the construction of “scented Tibet”. Themed writers’ new book promotion, reading experience sharing, collection digital resource recommendation, non-legacy children’s song display, online reading competition for visually impaired readers and other series of activities.

However, Tibet travel is not fully open yet to public, most tourism attractions still remain closed. But Chinese travelers can drive to Tibet recently and travel around Tibet. With regards to the Tibet travel permits for foreign travelers, the tour ban is not lift yet. We suggest foreign travelers not to travel to Tibet recently anyway even after Tibet is certain to open in the near future. No one knows the risk of airport and crowded railway station. Should you need any information from Tibet tourism, please feel free to contact our Tibet travel agency.