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Tibet Weather and Dressing Guide in April – Tibet Travel Tips

How is the weather in Tibet in April? What clothes to wear when traveling to Tibet in April? Tibet weather guide in April
Foreign tourists who come to Tibet for tourism will be concerned about the weather in Tibet in April. What clothes do I need to wear to travel to Tibet in April? Let’s start with the weather in April in Tibet and the weather, temperature, and climate in various parts of Tibet.

The weather in Tibet began to slowly warm in April, and more and more tourists traveled to Tibet. April is also more suitable for traveling to Tibet. This month’s travel cost performance is still relatively high. Linzhi’s (Nyingchi) peach blossoms are getting more and more beautiful as they enter April. Peach blossoms usually bloom from March 15th to April 15th. After mid to late April, there is not much meaning for viewing peach blossoms. The snowy mountains in April are still visible. Although there is no lush summer, it is more comfortable than the coldness of the Spring Festival. Although the weather is getting warmer at this time, the average temperature in most places is around ten degrees during the day, but the temperature difference between day and night is large, and it will drop below zero when it is cold at night. The weather in Tibet is relatively sunny in April, and the air is relatively dry, especially in the early days, but the mountain scenery is still outstanding.

Weather overview of Tibet in April:
Average minimum temperature (℃): 1
Average maximum temperature (℃): 16
The average temperature in Tibet (℃): 8
Average precipitation / rainfall (mm): 5

The average temperature of the weather in the areas of Tibet’s important attractions
Weather in April in Tibet: Lhasa City
Average minimum temperature (℃): 0
Average maximum temperature (℃): 15
Average precipitation / rainfall (mm): 5

Weather in April in Tibet: Namtso Lake
Average minimum temperature (℃): -6
Average maximum temperature (℃): 8
Average precipitation / rainfall (mm): 1

Weather in April in Tibet: Linzhi
Average minimum temperature (℃): -3
Average maximum temperature (℃): 16.3
Average precipitation / rainfall (mm): 2

Weather in April in Tibet: Shannan
Average minimum temperature (℃): 1
Average maximum temperature (℃): 19
Average precipitation / rainfall (mm): 1

Weather in Tibet in April: Mount Everest Base Camp
Average minimum temperature (℃): -10
Average maximum temperature (℃): 6
Average precipitation / rainfall (mm): 14

Is it appropriate to travel to Tibet in April? Why do some guests choose to travel in April?

The weather in Tibet is sunny and the temperature is comfortable in April. At this time, you will enter the peak season of Tibet tourism, and you will have a better travel experience. For example, in April, Linzhi ’s peach blossoms have been open for some time. Linzhi Galang Peach Blossom Village and Bomi Peach Blossom Valley are the most popular shooting materials for foreign guests. Around mid-April, you will see peach blossoms all over the mountains. The scenery on the mountain in April is particularly spectacular and beautiful. If you go to Mount Everest Base Camp at this time, you can see the panoramic view of Mount Everest, tall and majestic. For professional climbing Everest staff, usually choose to start from Everest National Park in April. The weather in April has covered various landscapes in Tibet with a magical winter scenery. Under the sunlight of the early spring, the colors of the prayer flags will become more vivid.

How to dress in Tibet in April:

When you go to Tibet to dress in April, at least you need to bring a thick coat. If the sun is better during the day, you don’t need to wear it thick, but it won’t work at night. The temperature difference between day and night is large. You can wear a down jacket or a jacket with a velvet at night. You can bring a hat to keep you warm while blocking the sun. Outer pants: a little thicker for walking; warm pants: warm suits or autumn pants. It is recommended to prepare two sets of underwear, cotton ones will be better. The choice of shoes is mainly to keep warm, sports shoes, outdoor shoes will do. If you want to go to Ali, Everest, it is best to wear high-top shoes. Many Tibet hotels and restaurants do not have a central heating system, it is best to wear a jacket to keep warm. At the same time as doing cold protection work, it is necessary to pay attention to sun protection, anti-drying and anti-high reaction. Actually, Gao Gao is not terrible. As long as you do a good job of anti-high-anti-prevention before you come to Tibet and do well in Lhasa, in general, guests can adapt to the plateau environment in Tibet.

Travel guide to Tibet in April

Traveling to Tibet in April, the landscape of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau has revived again. In early April, you can take a look at Linzhi peach blossoms, which are purple and pink. By the middle and late April, you will no longer see peach blossoms. You can go northward along Lhasa to take a look at Namtso Lake. The ice on the lake begins to melt slowly. After late April, Namtso will transform into turquoise or dark blue. Namco is one of the highest lakes in the world and is worth a visit. April in Tibet is one of the best months to travel to Mount Everest and Alishan Mountain. Tourists who come here can see the clear appearance of the mountain. The weather in Tibet in the western month is more comfortable, sunny, diverse in scenery, less crowded, and less rainfall. This is why April is one of the best months for sightseeing and hiking around Tibet. Many mountaineering enthusiasts choose to climb in April. The scenic environment is quiet, the price is low, the scenery is beautiful, and the accommodation environment is better and the travel opportunities are better. But between the end of April and mid-October, tourists flooded.