Tibet travel restrictions from authorities keep influencing the atmosphere of Tibet inbound tourism. Foreign travelers frequently asked how to apply Tibet permits and Tibet visa, when it is good to travel here and many more questions. Well, like the sudden change of the typical Tibet weather in a day due to the high altitude and unique topography, Tibet permits policy and regulations keep changing month by month, season by season and year by year. Here let Tibet Local Guide travel Service team proved you the most informative Tibet travel permits and visa guidelines, and together with news update. 

Latest Tibet Travel Restrictions & Tour Ban: Update on April 15, 2021:

Tibet remained closed for a long time from as early as February 2020 because of the COVID19. But right now all foreign travelers can still not get permits for Tibet and we suggest foreign travelers postpone the Tibet tour plan. Once Tibet is open, permits application just takes 1 week to 4 weeks time, so based on the uncertain situation, any early tour booking for Tibet is not recommended. We will keep updated on our website and provide the latest Tibet travel permits and visa policy and regulation for foreign travelers, no matter you live and work in China or abroad, if you have any questions, please send email to us: info@tibetlocalguide.com or service@tibetctrip.com. (86-18080158435/ 86-13628999610).

Further Tibet Travel Restrictions & Tour Ban: Update on August 5, 2020:

Since the closure from as early as late January 2020 because of the COVID19, Tibet remains closed for all foreign travelers as of August 2020. And there is no show of Tibet reopen to the outside world even though currently the Chinese travelers can travel in Tibet like before the COVID19. Foreign travelers had better not plan trip to Tibet in 2020. As responsible tour operator in Lhasa, we do not suggest any foreign passports holders to plan the Tibet trip soon. This closure may last quite some time till April 2021. However if you have any questions for travelling to Tibet, please send us by email to service@tibetctrip.com or info@tibetlocalguide.com; For those foreign travelers who are working and living in China already, there are still quite a lot of options to travel safely. If you are in such case and want to experience the authentic Tibetan culture, we would recommend Kham and Amdo for your consideration. Check further from our site: www.localchinaguide.com for more details.

Tibet Travel Restrictions & Tour Ban: Update on April 27, 2020:

Tibet public security bureau announced the Lhasa Barkhor streets will be reopen for public buddhists from April 27,2020. To help people contain the COVID19 (2019 Novel Coronavirus), people should keep social distance. Only the police car can park in designated area, while all other vehicles (including private cars) can not park anywhere in Barkhor streets and in the yard of PSB (public bureau security). Tibet has no COVID19 cases reports since late February and it is one of the safest place in China to travel right now. However permits application restriction is not lift yet. Any questions, please email us: service@tibetctrip.com or info@tibetlocalguide.com.

Tibet Travel Permits - Visa Documents

Tibet Travel Restrictions & Tour Ban: Update on March 15, 2020:

Similarly as Italy, South Korea, and some other areas heavily hit by COVID19, most tourists attractions in most mega cities in China remain closed. Tibet shut the door of major tourists attractions since late January, 2020, till now most attractions in Tibet are still not fully open to public. And there is no news about Tibet travel permits application recovery as well. As responsible tour agent and operator in Lhasa, we do not suggest you come in Tibet in the following months of April, May and June. Only once the situation gets better worldwide, we can reconfirm to you whether it is wise enough to visit Tibet or not. Should you have any questions, please feel free to email us and we are more than happy to answer your questions.

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Tibet Permits Policy/situation Update on Jan.25, 2020:

For the public health and safety, Tibet travel permits application has been banned. All foreign travelers can not travel to Tibet and it is quite possible Tibet closure in 2020 will last one year. Check more about the Tibet permits questions and answers listed and updated below. Should you have any questions, please feel free to email us.

Tibet Permits Policy/situation Update at the end of December, 2019

As of Nov. 15, 2019, all Tibet travel permits application has been in good situation. There is no news of 2020 Tibet travel permits ban. But as usual, we do not suggest foreign travelers to travel to Tibet between Jan.20 and March 31 in 2020. As the Tibetan new year and Chinese New Year is in the same period of time, foreign travelers are not suggested to visit Tibet due to cold weather and busy and crowded festival. Our agency has begun all paper work preparation for Tibet permit application especially for those tour groups coming December and early January in 2020. For those wanting Kailash pilgrimage in early April, we suggest an early booking to avoid permit urgent case.

Information needed for 2020 Tibet travel permit application:

  • Tibet Arrival date and departure date;
  • Entry point city (please confirm flight booking at least 15 days in advance, train booking at least 30-60 days in advance) and exit point city;
  • Foreign traveler’s passport photo copy (Please send passports copies 10-30 days in advance, China visa photo copy if you enter Tibet from mainland China);
  • Travel itinerary (you can have permit itinerary with your ideal places you wish to see, but your actual travel itinerary can be the same or just part of the full permit itinerary);
  • Apply the 4-8 days easy cultural tour at least 10-14 working days before arrival, and at least 15 working days before arrival for EBC tour, and 30-45 days before arrival for Kailash tour, Chengdu-Tibet overland or Shangri-La Tibet overland tour.

How to Book Tibet Tour efficiently? – Maximize the value of your time and money when booking Tibet tour.

  1. Decide where you will have to go in Tibet;
  2. Book Tibet travel permit with your maximum duration covering all places you want to visit in Tibet (per your actual arrival and departure date);We have successfully obtained Tibet travel permit for thousands of travelers, who also enjoyed our great tour services. To apply for a Tibet permit, you need to email the scanned copy of your Chinese visa and passport at least 15-40 days before entry to Tibet, then we will take care of the whole complicated application procedures for you on time. Because in the winter season, Tibet local officials have low working efficiency and permits process is slower than normal.
  3. Book hotel in Lhasa. As a Lhasa-based travel agency, our accommodation sales price is lower than TripAdvisor or any other online agent such as booking.com or trip.com;
  4. If your trip covers Everest Base campKailash or other area needing military permits, foreign affairs permit, you will need to confirm your Tibet tour at least 45 days before your actual arrival date, so our agency can submit your Tibet permits application at least 30 days before your arrival date to ensure all permits will be obtained on time.

Read further about Tibet permits FAQs and some other General FAQs about Tibet tourism.

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Whether you are looking for a trip in Lhasa, or central Tibet to Mt. Everest Base Camp, or even further to Mt Kailash or east Kham of Tibet, and no matter you have just 1 day or up to 30 days Tibet vacation plan, if Tibet is open to foreign travelers, we can apply all your necessary Tibet permits and deliver to you. Our agency is specialized in applying the most difficult permits for Kailash trips and grand North Tibet loop trip. Should you have any questions, please send email to info@tibetlocalguide.com.