Tibet Travel Permits & Tibet Visa Guide

Foreign travelers to travel in Tibet is very sensitive thus the Tibet travel restrictions from authorities always get involved in Tibet inbound tourism. Like the sudden change of the typical Tibet weather in a day due to the high altitude and unique topography, Tibet permits policy and regulations keep changing month by month, season by season and year by year.

Tibet Travel Permits Policy Keeps Changes

With the complicated Novel Coronavirus outbreak in China which keeps spreading worldwide nowadays, more and more countries issued travel restrictions and/or travel ban for both domestic travel and international travel. As of March 16, 2020, there is no certain news about Tibet reopen to foreign travelers yet, and major tour attractions were still closed for public. And Tibet permits is not applicable for any foreign travelers.

Do not Travel to Tibet in a rush but with good preparation

As one responsible Tibet tour operator, we do not recommend any foreign travelers to rush to travel in Tibet in the near future in 2020 even though Tibet permits application may recover soon. This is a practical and responsible suggestion from many countries government to their citizens, e.g, the government of USA, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Norway, Denmark, Fenland, etc suggest their citizens not travel to those destinations such as Italy, etc European countries, South Korea, Iran, etc if the trip is not very necessary, because these places were heavily infected by COVID19. Here let local Tibet travel agency insiders share some insight knowledge on Tibet permits and Tibet visa, so when it gets back to normal and once it is safe enough to travel to Tibet,China, you can plan your trip better.

Tibet remains one of the most attractive tour destination in China for foreign travelers, every year tens of thousands of travelers travel to Tibet. But as being mentioned above, as foreign traveler, you will need to have all necessary Tibet travel permits and Tibet visa document!

Tibet Travel Permits and Tibet Visa Documents

There are overall four documents all foreign tourists need to hold for legal traveling in Tibet. And these are as below:

  1. Chinese Visa (for entry to Tibet from mainland China) or Tibet Group visa (from Nepal to Tibet)
  2. TTB (Tibet Entry Permit)
  3. PSB (Alien’s Travel Permit-mostly for trip with Everest Base Camp and all those unopened area)
  4. Military Permit and Foreign Affairs Permit

Important Tibet Travel Rregulations

  1. All foreign tourists can get Tibet permits through a travel agency except for diplomats, journalists, and government officials. Travelers with these jobs should travel to Tibet under the arrangement by the Foreign Affairs Office of Tibet Government.
  2. After having a permit, a travel agency could buy the air tickets and train tickets for you.
  3. Only the guide could hold the permit after you establish yourself on Tibet land. You are not allowed to bring with it and travel to anywhere you want because except Lhasa you need another permit named as “Aliens’ Permit”.
  4. Permits document is free, but it is time consuming and complicated process for agency to apply. So there is a service charge.
  5. Generally it takes 1-3 weeks to get the Tibet permit if you could supply the full necessary documents of passports and China visa copies. And it needs another 3 days (or more) for Express Delivery for the permit to your departure city.
  6. We do not SELL Tibet permits to any foreign tourists.

Tibet Travel Permits Regulations for Overland tour to Tibet from Mainland China

  • If you only travel to Lhasa, Gyantse, Shigatse, there is no need to apply Alien’s Travel Permit, but Tibet entry permit will be enough.
  • If you want to do an overland tour from Yunnan, Sichuan, Qinghai or Xinjiang Autonomous region to Tibet, we need the photo copy of the Entry Stamp on your China visa to apply the Alien’s travel permit in PSB (Public Security Bureau) before your tour starts.

Every year there are lots of foreign travelers asking about the Tibet travel permits and visa regulations. However Tibet permits application situation is politically sensitive and the policy changes quite often. Here below are some common questions and our timely updated answers, it will help you plan your Tibet tour easily.

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Don’t hesitate to contact our local Tibet tour agency for full vacation solution in 2020.