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Tibet Meditation Tour:Top 5 Tibet Meditation Retreat Destination & 15 Places To Meditate

Tibet meditation tour: 2020 worldwide changes happened because of the unprecedented NOVEl CORONAVIRUS (COVID19) and it is really catastrophic. As the world we live in becomes increasinly busy, hectic and chaotic, meditation retreats will become more popular. In this couple of years many foreign travelers came to Tibet to incorporate health into their holidays to maintain optimal health and emotional well-being. The Tibetan Retreat Guru brings great retreats, authentic teachers (lamas) and practitioners together in one place.

Tibet is the Ideal Place for Meditational and Retreat Tour

Tibet is beautiful and full of spirit, but it is still one of the least developed regions in the world. This is the life of everyone in Tibet, and this is the best way for you to understand this life, but the monastery is clean, comfortable and lovely. It is so peaceful, so close to nature, and contains such beautiful calm energy, you will benefit and enjoy the experience for a long time. You can fill your heart with peace and keep peace with yourself after you leave. No wonder that Tibet is such an attractive place for meditation and retreat. Whether you are buddhists or not? or Believe God? or free of any religion? Believe it or not, each year once Tibet is open to public, many people around the world come to Tibet for a spiritual journey of meditation and retreat.

Tibet Meditational Retreat Suitable for Everyone

Tibetan Meditation Tour Activity

I have never meditated. Can I come to Tibet to experience meditation? No problem! Never mind, Tibetan monks will teach you how to use your abilities to meditate. Different skill levels are worth your acceptance. Meditation is not a game, it is a personal experience, and it is absolutely suitable for everyone, including yourself. Just remember to breathe, appreciate where you are, and walk slowly. Tibet’s meditation tour will teach you the basics of Buddhism from the perspective of Tibetan Mahayana Buddhism, so it is suitable for beginners and even those who want to study.The great meaning and benefits of meditation: Meditation frees you from the stress and worries of everyday life. If you long for peace, want to get rid of stress, remove anxiety, and experience some wonderful things, then you have come to the right place. Tibet is an ideal place for meditation. This is one of the most sacred places on earth and an excellent opportunity for many successful people to meditate. You will learn from the daily meditation activities of the monks who are very helpful and enthusiastic.

Places to Recommend for Tibet Meditation Tours

Here let Tibetan local guide recommend the top 5 Destinations for Tibet Meditation Tours.

  1. Lhasa Meditation & Retreat
  2. Tsetang (Shannan) Meditation & Retreat
  3. Shigatse Meditation & Retreat
  4. Mt. Everest Base Camp Meditation & Retreat
  5. Mt Kailash and Lake Manasarovar Meditation & Retreat

Tibet Meditation Tour Destination No.1:  In and Around Lhasa: 

Mediation in and around Lhasa: Lhasa is one of the most spiritual cities in the world. It is the center of Tibetan Buddhism and the spiritual heart of Tibet. Lhasa is a region of the Tibet Autonomous Region, with a large number of temples, temples and sacred lakes, and some of the most auspicious mountains on the plateau. It is one of Tibet’s best places to meditate and revive this spiritual energy.

Tibet Lhasa Yamdrok Meditation Tour
Tibet Lhasa Yamdrok Meditation Tour
  • 1.1 Drakyepa Monastery: There are few places for meditation in the meditation caves of the Drak Yerpa Winter Palace in Dazi County, Lhasa. The site, located about 16 kilometers northeast of Lhasa, was once the most sacred cave retreat in Tibet. It was attended by Buddhist sages such as Padmasambhava and Atisha, and was welcomed by the Tibetan king Songtsen Gampo.
  • 1.2 Pabongka Heritage (behind the famous Sera Monastery): Pabonka Fort is located about eight kilometers north of the old city of Lhasa. It was originally built on a huge stone, blurring like a turtle. This ancient Hermitage is one of the oldest buildings in Tibet, long before the sacred Jokhang Temple and the fortress that once stood on the ruins of the Potala Palace. It is said that the fortress that once stood there was destroyed during the reign of Rondamar. It is nine stories high and was the first place to be written in Tibetan with stones. There were seven noble sons who became the first Tibetan Buddhism monks.
  • 1.3 Turquoise Yamdrok Lake: When you meditate, you can not imagine that there is a better scene than the beautiful scenery of the Yamdrok Lake, one of the three sacred lakes in Tibet (the other two are Lake Namtso and Holy Lake Manasarovar). With its turquoise water, Yamdrok Lake is one of the most amazing places on the plateau, and close to Lhasa, it is an ideal place to practice meditation retreat. One of the more popular methods of practicing meditation is to make your eyes see beautiful things, so that your mind sees the beauty of the world, not evil things, and places with little natural beauty like Yamdrok Lake. With its vast area and huge coastline, it takes more hours to meditate by the lake than you think.
  • 1.4 Pristine Namtso: Lake Namtso in Dangxiong County, 250 kilometers northwest of Lhasa, has more meditation reasons than almost anywhere else. Not only can you enjoy the tranquility of Tashi Dor Island, there are monasteries and meditation caves by the lake, but the temples there have their own pilgrimage routes on the island, not to mention the magnificent views of the lake itself. And Namtso lake is one of the three beautiful lakes in Tibet. This beautiful lake is a must-see spot and an ideal place for peace and loneliness for deep meditation.

Tibet Meditation Tour Destination No.2: Shannan (Tsetang) – Tibetan Buddhism Birthplace

Tibet Village Pilgrims Spirtual Tour

Shannan Prefecture, also known as Lhoka in Tibet, is considered to be the birthplace of Tibetan civilization and the origin of Tibetan meditation activities, dating back to the earliest era of Buddhism in the region. Famous for having the first temples and palaces in Tibet, this ancient land is a great place for meditating retreat.

  • 2.1 Samye Monastery: Samye Gompa is the first Buddhist monastery in Tibet. It was built to revive Buddhism in the empire and is located in Dranang, Lhoka. The site is auspicious in Tibetan Buddhism because it is a sacred dance performed by Buddhist master Padmasambhava to escape the vicious spirit of the area and bind it as a protector of Tibetan Buddhism. The monastery was built around a model of the universe, with the main hall representing Mount Meru, and the outer hall representing the ocean, continents, and other features of Buddhist cosmology. The Samye monastery is also known for the location of the holy tree, which is a popular place for pilgrimage, with pilgrims and meditators laying stones and lines on it.
  • Chimpu Hermitage Cave Monastery Tibetan Tsetang Tour

    2.2 Chim-puk Hermitage is located in a group of cave shrines northeast of Samye Monastery, surrounded by the meditation site of Guru Rinpoche, who spent several years of meditation and teaching in the cave. It is well known that Tantric practitioners in caves were once known for protecting the fields and harvesting of the area from storms in the area. The site contains dozens of meditation caves that can be found throughout the hillside, and even the hillside overlooking the beautiful valley below is a great place for a quiet great in itself.

  • 2.3 Lower Yarlung Valley in Tsetang: Mount Sotang Kangbori is located east of the town of Tsetang, 800 meters above the town. The Spurs protect it from elements and form a defensive position at the mouth of the valley. It is one of the four sacred mountains in central Tibet and is the residence of the powerful mountain god Yala Shabo. It is also known for its 4,060-meter (13,320-foot) caves near the summit. According to legend, this is Chenrezig, who incarnates like a red monkey, and is impregnated with a white omo with six sons who are the ancestors of the first six clan in Tibet. In the cave, you can see natural images of monkeys and portraits of apes. There is said to be a Beur or “hidden land” on the mountain.
  • 2.4 Sheldrak Monastery: Sheldrak Monastery is located above the village of Sekhang Zhika, bypassing the sacred cemetery with a stupa dedicated to Hayagriva (Buddhist). Founded in the 14th century, it is clearly dedicated to Terton or treasure hunter Sangye Lingpa. It contains images of Padmasambhava and his two most important spouses, Padmasambhava’s eight manifestations and Karmapa Rangjung Dorje (1284-1339 AD).
  • 2.5 The Sheldrak Cave at Pema Tskeri is located at the entrance to the Yarlung Valley above the Sheldrak Monastery:
    Sheldrak Drubpuk (Shel brag), facing east, was Guru Rinpoche or Padmasambhava’s first meditation cave in Tibet, where indigenous forces and devil were sworn allegiance to Buddhism. It is one of the most respected pilgrimage destinations on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau and symbolizes the nature of a lotus-born Buddha image. There was originally a “speaking” image of Padmasambhava, but it has now been moved to Traduk Monastery. There are now portraits of the new master Rinpoche and his two main spouses on the altar. On the west rock wall are the Guanyin Bodhisattva, 25 disciples of Padma Sambava, the Bodana Stupa near Kathmandu and the crescent Image.
  • 2.6 Tsogyel Sangpuk:  Tsogyel Sangpuk faces northeast and is a secret meditation cave for Padhemabhava’s spouse Yeshe Tsogyal. Its location is indicated by a flag on the south side of the cave. The Pema Shelpuk or Padma Shepuk is an important Ningma Buddhism site, so here is a good place for the lineage pilgrims to come for meditation.

Tibet Meditation Tour Destination No.3: Shigatse, the hometown of the Panchen Lama

Shigatse City is the home of the Panchen Lama, the second most secular incarnation of Tibetan Buddhism and Tashilunpo Temple. It is an unexpected place of contemplation, but there is a good place to contemplate. It is well known that Xigaze has the famous Tashilhunpo Temple, but people do not know that there are three major meditation places in Xigaze to release the mind. We will elaborate on these three empty meditation places for walking in Tibet.

Shigatse Tashilhunpo Monastery Holy Meditation tour of Tibe
Tashilhunpo Monastery Holy Meditation tour of Tibet by local

3.1 Tashilhunpo Monastery turns to the yak Mani heap: Go up the forest-wide path on the west side of the main entrance of Tashilhunpo Monastery. There are many “tent” practitioners on the west side of the temple. They continue to walk past the three sacred stones on the back of the main hall. The Mani pile of Wen He yak skulls bypasses the Mani pile of a gigantic boulder, overlooking the entire Zha Temple and Shigatse. The golden dome sitting at the Zashlunpo Temple becomes your horizon. The towering Himalayan in the west Standing in the heavens and the earth, the mantra behind the Mani pile chanted the link to the Buddha country on earth.
3.2 Nima Peak Temple: There is a winding trekking path in the north of the back mountain god stone opposite the Qin Temple of Tashilhunpo Monastery to reach the highest peak of Nima Mountain in Shigatse. There is a Nima temple on the top of the mountain. Looking at the Yarlung Zangbo River, looking west to Mount Everest is the end point of this life, the starting point of the afterlife, the “sky funeral platform”, overlooking Shigatse, the best manor in Tibet.
3.3. Danzhu Sangqiu Holy Spring: It can be removed from the north of the Nima Temple to reach the mountain, or from the village on the east side of the Zha Temple to the northwestern trail to reach the God Spring hidden between the Yarlung Tsangpo River and the Nima God Mountain Valley. Fitness, even in winter you can see the Tibetan man in a naked bath. There are several practice holes on the west side of Shenquan, and occasionally the figure of the practitioner appears.

Tibet Meditation Tour Destination No.4: the Everest Region

Few people believe that you can head to  Mt Everest for some meditation exercises, but Rongbuk Monastery nowadays is regarded as the base camp of Mt. Everest base camp where to view Mt. Everest. The initial Everest base camp was moved down just nearby the Rongphu the tallest Buddhist temple in the world, and here it is the very remote meditation in Tibet.

Rongphu Monastery Mt Everest Base Camp Meditation

4.1 Rongphu  Monastery: This high monastery sits at an altitude of 4,980 meters above sea level and is home to several ancient meditation caves on the hillside behind the monastery. These small caves have a perfect view of the highest mountain in the world and are a great place to meditate. However, the best place for meditation is a meditation cave located below the monastery itself and extending below the base camp. The cave has been used by the abbot since its construction in 1902, and was previously a refuge for Buddhist nuns and a pilgrimage site by Sherpas.

Tibet Meditation Tour Destination No.5: Mount Kailash and Manasarovar in west Tibet

In the westernmost region of Tibet, there are two of the most sacred spots in the world, they are one mountain and one lake. The Mount Kailash and Lake Manasarovar are considered to be the most sacred places of their kind in Buddhism and Hinduism. They are amazing places to visit and great places to meditate.

Meditational Journey to the soul – Mountain Kailash Spiritual Tour of Tibet
  • 5.1 Holy Mount Kailash: Kailash is the most sacred mountain in the world of Buddhism and Hindus, and is an ideal place for meditation. This huge black rocky pyramid is a peaceful and spiritual mountain range, considered an earthly manifestation of the legendary Mount Meru, with five monasteries surrounding its foundation. Any of these monasteries is a great place to meditate, if you can trek through the mountains, you can also sit on the top of the Dolma La Pass more than 5,000 meters high and meditate on one of the most spectacular views in front of you Planet. Check more Kailash Spiritual Tours.
Tibet Meditation Retreat Tour
  • 5.2 Holy Lake Manasarovar: Lake Manasarovar, south of Kalash, is one of the three sacred lakes in Tibet and is often revered in Hinduism and Buddhism. Maya Devi is considered to be the place of Siddhartha Gautama and later he became Sakyamuni Buddha. This stunning lake is considered a pure incarnation of Buddhists and Buddhists. Hindus believe that drinking or bathing in water can save you from the sin of being baptized for a lifetime. The tranquil lake shore rarely receives tourists all year round. It is an ideal place for meditation. It is peaceful and pleasant, and the fresh water is clear. There are also five temples scattered around the lake. According to Tibetan Buddhism, each temple is located in an auspicious location, and they are all good places for peaceful meditation.
Tibet Travel Permits for Kailash Meditation Tours
Tibet Manasarovar Spiritual Tours

The Meaning of Tibet Meditation Retreats Tour

These retreats will give you the guidance and inspiration you need to unplug, decompress and find peace and harmony. These meditation experiences may occur at a certain time in a Tibetan temple, or on the edge of the beautiful Yang Lake, or on the shores of Namco Lake, or at the foot of Mount Everest, the highest peak in the world. The most fascinating one is Gangren. At the foot of Mount Pozi. These meditation experiences in Tibet require you to overcome altitude sickness and overcome many problems. Each of these meditation destinations offers unique features to help you achieve your ideal state.

Tibet Meditational Travel tips: 

1) However, we do require all participants to give due respect to the privacy of the monks and the monastic environment. This includes avoiding killing (animals or insects of any type), stealing, lying, sexual misconduct and taking narcotics. Whatever comes no our, lets ensure that we will handle it gracefully.

2) To avoid expensive meditation tour in Tibet, here let Tibetan guide tell you how to have budget meditation tour in Tibet.

  • a) Avoid long distance tour vehicle transport in Tibet, so you’d better choose the destination which is in and near Lhasa, such as the Lhasa, Tsetang (Lokha), Shigatse;
  • b) Have your own group of fellow friends, and customize a trip of your own, with more people sharing the trip cost, it will benefit to each of your party;
  • c) Individual /solo travelers may consider to join a leisured group tour of Tibet, thus they still have more personal time for meditation in each sport, and be sure the group is small size and the trip schedule can not be too busy.
  • d) Choose responsible travel agency in Tibet like us (Tibet Local Guide).

Tibet meditation Tour Conclusion: Tibet is ideal for Meditation Pursuit. And this Tibet travel post shared the top 5 destinations in Tibet for meditation purpose. They are places in Lhasa, Tsetang, Shigatse, Mt. Everest and Mt Kailash+Lake Manasarovar. And in total we shared top 15 detailed places to go for meditation. If you have any questions please feel free to contact our Tibet Travel Agency – Tibet Local Guide Travel Service (https://www.tibetlocalguide.com)

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