Visit Lhasa for A Meditation Tour in 2021-2022

Tibet is one of the most spiritual places in the world. Lhasa, the capital, is a must-go place and spiritual paradise for many Tibetan Buddhists. Lhasa and its surroundings have a large number of temples and sacred lakes and caves. Many places are suitable for yoga practice, and it is worthy of the ideal quiet place for meditation. Here is one of the best places for Tibetan meditation and revival of this spiritual energy. On this website, Tibet local guide travel service team recommend the top places in and around Lhasa for a meditation tour in 2021/2022.

The Importance of Meditation for Wellbeing

Meditation is stress-relieving technique that can change your mind and encourage attention, calm emotions and positive emotions. Meditation is very powerful for your emotional health and can even have a transcendent effect on your understanding of life and world status. Regular meditation exercises can bring you physical and mental benefits, including lowering blood pressure, reducing tension headaches, ulcers, insomnia and joint problems, and improving creativity, emotional stability, happiness, intuition, inner peace and clarity. The benefits of meditation continue! For these reasons and more, it is important to regularly practice meditation.

Places for 2021/2022 Meditation Tour in Lhasa!

1.1 Lhasa Meditation tour at Drak Yerpa Monastery

There is a wonderful place for meditation in the meditation cave of Drak Yerpa in Lhasa. The site is located about 16 kilometers northeast of Lhasa and was once the most sacred cave retreat in Tibet. Buddhist sages such as Padmasambhava and Atisha participated in the ceremony and were welcomed by Tibetan Songzan Gambo.

1.2 Meditation tour at Pabongka Heritage (behind the famous Sera Monastery): 

Pabongka, located about eight kilometers north of the ancient city of Lhasa, was originally built on a huge stone, blurred like a turtle. This ancient Winter Palace is one of the oldest buildings in Tibet, long before the sacred Jokhang Temple and the fortress that once stood on the site of the Potala Palace. It is said that the fortress that once stood there was destroyed during the reign of Rondamar. It is nine stories high and is the first place written in stone in Tibetan. Seven noble sons became the first Tibetan Buddhist monks. Hidden in the quiet place behind Sera Monastery, few people will disturb your yoga meditation journey. You can also enjoy a quiet hike, come to this little-known place and start your Lhasa meditation journey!

1.3 Lhasa Meditation tour to Turquoise Lake Yamdrok

In Tibet, you cannot imagine a place more beautiful than the scenic Lake Yamdrok to meditate. Lake Yamdrok is one of the three sacred lakes in Tibet (the other two are Namtso Lake and St. Manasalova Lake). Lake Yamdrok has turquoise water and is one of the most amazing places on the plateau. Located just 120 kilometers southwest of Lhasa, Lake Yamdrok is a good place to practice yoga retreat and meditation. With its vast area and vast lake shoreline, it takes longer than you think to meditate by the lake. Drive to Lake Yamdrok, because the mileage is not far, the rental car is not expensive, you will find that this Lhasa meditation experience trip is very rewarding, you will not need to spend much savings, while you will rejuvenate vitality.

1.4 Pristine Namtso for Lhasa Meditation Tour

Lake Namtso is located in Dangxiong County, 250 kilometers northwest of Lhasa. There are more reasons to come here to meditate than anywhere else. Not only can you enjoy the tranquility of Tashi Dor Island, there are also monasteries and meditation caves by the lake, and the temples there have their own pilgrimage routes on the island, not to mention the magnificent views of the lake itself.