Tibet Travel Ban – Tibet Tour Restrictions 2020 from Outside World

Tibet tourism does not officially issue tourism ban or restrictions so far in March, 2020. But as Tibet local guide travel service analyzed that this time the serious ban and restrictions on Tibet travel comes not from inside Tibet, but actually it is from outside world. Tibet sees almost no tourists since February, 2020. It looks like the door to Tibet was tightly shut down. Travelers do not dare to travel nowadays in many parts of China and worldwide. It is much better and safer to stay at home rather than exposing yourself to crowded public. Nowadays many walking streets, restaurants, shops in Lhasa, Tibet and many other parts of mega cities in China are empty. People ware face masks and obviously people will feel unsafe if without waring a face mask.

Tibet Travel Ban and Restrictions from Outside World

Worldwide Countries Actually Warned Travel Restrictions and Tourism Ban on Tibet, China and many other regions (domestically & Internationally). Airlines have had to cancel thousands of flights and ground planes and airports have warned they may have to close down operations. The Tibet and China tourism industry is seeing a sharp drop in bookings amid travel restrictions across Europe, USA and elsewhere. As part of the response to managing the COVID-19 outbreak, countries such as USA, Canada, Norway, Australia, New Zealand and many other countries worldwide suggest their citizens to stay at home and avoid unnecessary travel to those heavily hit areas like Italy, South Korea, Iran and China.

Because of the serious situation in February, most tourists attractions in China still remained closed to public and many sports, business conferences, concerns and large gatherings were cancelled. So is it in Tibet and the tour sites closure may last some time as even though the numbers of confirmed COVID19 cases get smaller and smaller per official statistics in China, but the worldwide spreading looks more and more serious. Even the NBA suspends seasonal games due to some supper stars tested positive recently. So the situation gets worse and it may draw economic recession worldwide, as local reliable Tibet tourism booking center, we do not suggest foreign travelers to travel to Tibet from mainland China in April, May, June and the crowded summer month of July and August to avoid unnecessary contact with crowded people in airports, cruises or train stations.

Tibet Tourism Has Annual Closure and Restrictions to outside world

Tibet travel policy keeps changing month by month, season by season and year by year. Even there were no such pandemic situation recently, Tibet may still rejects foreign traveler’s entry. This was quite normal in the past years. Due to uncertain Tibet travel permits application situation, even after Tibet is open to outside world, there might be still restrictions and tour ban in Tibet. Foreign travelers still have to follow the local Tibet travel regulations to travel legally.

Tibet Tourism will bounce back after Travel Restrictions and Ban from Outside World

It’s difficult for all of us in the Tibet travel community to see the impact the coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis has had on our industry. While the situation rapidly changes, we know one thing that’s consistent – people’s desire to travel. The travel industry has always shown its resilience and it will bounce back. As we prepare for the months ahead, we want to reassure you of the following:
  •  Traveler’s Tibet Travel Cancellations and Refunds: since the initial spread of COVID-19 in China, our Customer Service team has been proactively reaching out to impacted travelers to assist with cancellations and refunds. To fully support our travelers during this very difficult time, we will honor all requests for cancellations, including all-sales-final and cancellations within 24-72 hours.
  • We will flexibly postpone foreign travelers’ Tibet Tour plan according to traveler’s own requests.  During this time, you do not need to worry about your Tibet tour payment which you have paid. We will save it for your Tibet trip coming up when it is safe enough. So you will reactivate your Tibet travel plan after sometime.

Reliable Tibet Tourism Organization Put Travelers Safety as First Priority

As one responsible Tibet tour agent with a group of reliable Tibetan tour operators, Tibet Local Guide travel service platform’s full staff members believe that the safety is of the highest priority for every of our travelers. We will do everything in our power to ensure that all our Tibet travelers will have risk free travel services.
We believe many other countries will not shut down their doors and close their borders for long time. Tibet sets no boundary to worldwide travelers. Our land always welcome all Americans, Canadians, European travelers, travelers from Japan, South Korea, Australia, New Zealand (Kiwi people), Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand and many other countries. Our Tibet travel agency will try best to organize your safe journey to Tibet.