02 Permits with Hotel booking

Service Highlight

  • All necessary Tibet travel permits are 100% guaranteed;
  • We can help you arrange reputable accommodations in and outside of Lhasa;
  • You can book minimum one day tour of Lhasa only and have more free days in Lhasa by yourself;
  • Flexible additional Tibet travel arrangement with low tour price;
  • Extend the tour out of Lhasa with many of our optional private or group tours at cheaper prices.
  • Low price is guaranteed! Should another Tibet tour operator offer the identical itinerary at lower cost please email the identical itinerary to us and we will match it.


Suggested Itinerary for you to consider:

Option 1: Lhasa and nearby
Day1 Arrival in Lhasa, airport-Lhasa by airline shuttle bus (RMB30-35 per person), hotel in downtown by yourself
Day2 Free day in Lhasa by yourself
Day3 Lhasa one day top highlight tour: Potala Palace, Jokhang Temple, Barkhor Street
Day4 Any one day tour options: Drepung+Sera, or Namtso Lake Day tour, Yamdrok Day tour, Countryside Day tours (lots of options)–please discuss with your TripAdvisor
Day5 Final departure

Option 2: Extended Everest Base camp group tour out of Lhasa:
Day5 Lhasa-Shigatse city (280 km, 3900m)
Day6 Shigatse-Everest Base Camp (340km, 5150m)
Day7 EBC-Shigatse
Day8 Shigatse-Gyantse (Pelkhor Monastery)-Karola Glacier-Lake Yamdrok-Lhasa, hotel by yourself
Day9 Final Departure Read more details about 4 days Everest Base Camp Group tour

Option 3: Lhasa and extended Kailash EBC Group trip out of Lhasa:
Day 4 Lhasa-Shigatse, 280 km, about 5-6 hours’ drive, set off at 8:30-arrive at 14:30
Day 5 Shigatse –Saga, 440 km, about 7-9 hours’ drive, set off at 8:30-arrive at 17:30
Day 6 Saga-Mt. Kailash (Darchen), 510 km, about 10 hours’ drive, set off at 8:30-arrive at around 18:30
Day 7 Mt. Kailash-Dira-Puk Monastery, first day of your trekking, 20 km, about 7-8 hours trek
Day 8 Dira-Puk Monastery-Zultul-Puk Monastery, second day of your trekking, 21 km, about 8-9 hours trek
Day 9 Zultul-puk Monastery-Darchen, last day of your trekking, 12 km, about 4 hours trek, Drive from Darchen to Lake Manasarovar, 60 km, about 1.5 hours’ drive
Day 10 Lake Manasarovar-Saga, 450 km, about 8-9 hours’ drive, set off at 8:30-arrive at 18:00
Day 11 Saga-EBC, 300 km, about 7-8 hours’ drive, set off at 8:30 am-arrive at 16:30
Day 12 EBC-Shigatse-Gyantse, 430 km, about 8-9 hours’ drive, set off at 8:30-arrive at 18:30
Day 13 Gyantse-Lhasa, 260 km, about 5-6 hours’ drive, set off at 8:30-arrive at 16:00
Day 14 Final Departure, free transfer to airport or train station (free group tour transfer is at 8 am and 1 pm)-read more details about 14 days Kailash Everest group tour.