Tibetan Traditional Yogurt Shoton Festival Activity and meditation tour

Tibetan Shoton Festival

The Shoton Festival is a traditional Tibetan festival and is also a legal festival in the Tibet Autonomous Region. The Tibetan calendar is held from June 15 to July 30 every year. “Xue” and “Dun” mean Tibetan “yogurt” and “banquet”, and the Snow Day means a festival of eating yogurt. During the Shoton Festival, there is a large-scale sun-bathing ceremony and a grand and enthusiastic Tibetan opera performance, so it is also called the sun-buddha festival and Tibetan opera festival. This couple years this festival becomes more and more popular among foreign travelers.

The evolution of the Tibetan Shoton Festival 

Prior to the 17th century, the Shoton Festival was a purely religious holiday. In June and July of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau each summer, the weather gradually warms, and hundreds of insects unearth activities. In order to avoid harming living beings and violating the Buddha ’s rule of Shakyamuni ’s non-killing, Tibetan Buddhism ’s Gelug Sect stipulates that monks are not allowed to leave the temple between June 15th and July 30th each year. Zhong Jing President Jing Jing and Xia Anju. The monks will not be able to leave the temple until they are dismantled. Whenever this time, the local civilians will take out the yogurt to worship the monks in the temple. At the same time, a festival was held at Drepung Monastery in Lhasa, and Tibetan opera was performed. Drepung Monastery became the center of the event, and the festival gradually became known as “Drepung Shedun”.

Tibet Shoton Festival

At the time of the fifth Dalai Lama Rosang Gyatso, during the “Drepung Shedun”, he also mobilized Tibetan opera troupes from various regions of Tibet to perform. After the fifth Dalai Lama moved to the Potala Palace, in addition to stipulating that the first day of the Tibetan calendar to hold “Drepung Shedon” at the Drepung Monastery, he also scheduled to perform at the Potala Palace the next day, and then in Lhasa and Tibet Touring around. After the completion of Norbulingka in the late 18th century, it became the summer palace of the Dalai Lama. In 1913, according to the decision of the 13th Dalai Lama, every year “Drepung Sheddon” premiered in Norbulingka, while allowing ordinary people to enter and watch the performance. Following the phase, a mass entertainment activity was formed, which became the name of the Shoton Festival.

On the day of the Shoton Festival, Drepung Monastery exhibited a 30-meter-wide by 20-meter-wide silk Buddha statue on a hillside outside the temple. On that day, good men and women gathered and threw hathas at the statues like snowflakes.

Tibetan Traditional Shoton Festival Events

Tibetan Festival - Shoton Festival
Tibetan Festival – Shoton Festival

Buddha’s booth outside Drepung Monastery: on the first day of July in the Tibetan calendar, residents of Tibet from Lhasa and other Tibet came to Norbulingka to watch Tibetan theater troupes and theatre teams, dance teams, drumming teams from Lhasa, Shigatse, Poetry, Yara, and Dulong Deqing. Joint performance. After the eighth day, various troupes performed in various parts of the Lhasa area. In early August, the troupes returned to the local area. At the same time, all the folk Tibetan opera groups and theatrical performing arts teams in the Tibetan area, village, and village reveled with monks and customs.

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