Will the COVID19-Novel Coronavirus Infect our Tibet Travel?

Our foreign travelers begin to ask whether novel coronavirus outbreak will infect inbound tourism in Tibet, because their Tibet travel plan is fixed and in the upcoming spring season. Well, till now it is very safe to travel in Tibet and there is no novel coronavirus case report from Lhasa Tibet. However it becomes popular that many Chinese people begin to ware mask in public areas and people delay their travel plan and choose to stay at home in some cities, especially in Wuhan. 

Mayor of Wuhan (Central China’s Mega city): Stay away

By ZHOU LIHUA in Wuhan and ZOU SHUO in Beijing | China Daily | Updated: 2020-01-22 07:28
Please check this news via China Daily (local official news recourse: https://www.chinadaily.com.cn/a/202001/22/WS5e27890ca3101282172729d5.html)
China Tibet NCoV cases may infect Inbound Tourism
Workers disinfect a market in Wuhan, Hubei province, on Sunday. MIAO JIAN/CHANGJIANG DAILY

Reducing travel in and out of city may curb disease spread, he says

The mayor of Wuhan, Hubei province, called on people not travel to and from the city in order to combat the ongoing pneumonia outbreak.

Mayor Zhou Xianwang said during an interview with CCTV on Tuesday that reducing the flow of people will also decrease the possibility of the virus spreading and lighten the pressure on disease prevention and control efforts.

Wuhan set up a prevention and control center to combat the outbreak on Monday, the city’s health authorities said.

Led by Zhou, the center heads eight task forces made up of authorities involved in emergency management, publicity, transport, market regulation, medical treatment and epidemic control and prevention, according to the Health Commission of Wuhan.

The city will strengthen measures to scan passengers for higher body temperatures at airports, train and bus stations and ports, and reduce or cancel all unnecessary large gatherings.

Patients with serious symptoms should be treated by a team of medical workers with a specific plan, and hospitals should strengthen the protection of their staff to prevent infection within hospitals.

The city will promptly and objectively release information about disease prevention and control.

TLG quoted this news from third party news Chanel and this doesn’t represent our points of view, we can not judge and evaluate the case’s situation, travelers should check from their ordinary news recourses to get further details.

Here below you can learn more about  “Wuhan Coronavirus, the Chinese pneumonia outbreak”

The 2019–20 novel coronavirus outbreak, also known as the Wuhan coronavirus, the Chinese pneumonia outbreak or the Wuhan pneumonia (simplified Chinese: 武汉肺炎; traditional Chinese: 武漢肺炎; pinyin: Wǔhàn fèiyán), is a viral outbreak that was initially identified during mid-December 2019 in the city of Wuhan in central China, as an emerging cluster of people with pneumonia with no clear cause, which was linked primarily to stallholders who worked at the Huanan Seafood Market (华南海鲜市场), which also sold live animals. Chinese scientists subsequently isolated a new strain of the coronavirus, designated as 2019-nCoV, which has been found to be at least 70% similar in genome sequence to SARS-CoV. It is not clear however, whether the 2019-nCoV is of the same severity or lethality as SARS.

On 20 January 2020, Chinese Premier Li Keqiang urged decisive and effective efforts to prevent and control the pneumonia epidemic caused by a novel coronavirus. As of 22 January 2020, 17 deaths have occurred, all in China, and there is evidence of human-to-human transmission. Extensive testing has revealed more than 500 confirmed cases, some of whom are healthcare workers. Confirmed cases have also been reported in Thailand, South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Macau, Hong Kong and the United States. Read further on Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2019–20_outbreak_of_novel_coronavirus_(2019-nCoV)

Here is the governmental official news website (XinHuaNet) for more reference: http://www.xinhuanet.com/english/2020-01/14/c_138703493.htm