Can People from Malaysia travel to Tibet,China in 2020

By end of 2019, there were many travelers to Tibet from Malaysia. With daily flights from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to Chengdu, the gateway city to Tibet, the travel to tibet from Malaysia and Singapore actually is very convenient. But with the outbreak of COVID19, more and more Malaysian travelers would better postpone the trip to Tibet and many other parts of China. This is a good suggestion to protect Malaysian ravelers and also Tibetan local people.

In the same way that Malaysia tightens overseas travel to Malaysia, China will also tighten the inbound travel from abroad, because recently there is a big surge of imported COVID19 cases to China. It looks very clear that any overseas travelers to Tibet will face more restrictions both from mainland China entry regulations and the Tibet travel permits requirements.

With the uncertainty surrounding the outbreak of the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic,Tibet Local Guide travel service booking center’s whole team want to reassure our travelers across the globe with a trusted source of unbiased Tibet travel permits information. Throughout these challenging times, foreign travelers need to keep a peaceful mind and wait for next comfortable and safe jourey to Tibet when your time comes.

Here below is the Tibet travel permits timeline from January 1.2018 to March.24,2020:

[January 1,2018 Tibet Permits Update]   Tibet Travel Permit application went well and all foreign travelers can get permits for traveling before Feb.10,2018, while the Tibet permits for trip between Feb.10 and March.31,2018 can not be approved.

[March 14,2018 Tibet Permits Update]  Tibet Travel Permit application can be processed for foreign travelers for entry as early as March30, but all travel permits can only come out around March.25, 2018, and urgent permits delivery may be a must for early entry date around March 30, 2018.

[April 5,2018 Tibet Permits Update]  Tibet travel permits policy got back to normal and all foreign travelers can enter Tibet if they hold needed and the right documents. Journalists, military soldiers, government service people who hold none personal passports can not get Tibet permits, these people must contact government related offices to get the unique documents.

[August.15,2018 Tibet Permits Update]  Tibet inbound tourism has been going well so far and Tibet Travel Permit process took normally around 10-20 working days. It depends on whether your trip covers Kailash-Lake Manasarovar or not, travelers need to book Kailash tours at least 40 days in advance to avoid urgent permits application. Here the government tries to improve the permits issuing efficiency and Tibet tourism bureau will develop the new online application system and so in the near future it would be in use.

[October.15,2018 Tibet Permits Update]  Tibet weather gets dry and cooler now, the government hold series of conferences to promote Tibet winter tours. There is no closure of Tibet Travel Permit and permits application process is quite smooth now. The tour prices are normally with seasonal discounts. Tibet travelers can plan shorter distance and cultural focused trips.

[Feb.1,2019 Tibet Permits Update]  Tibet permits can not be applied as usual and we suggest foreign travelers avoid the travel season between February 1 and March 31, 2019. But good news that we can accept booking for entry date as early as April 1, 2019.

[March 26,2019 Tibet Permits Reopen Update]  Tibet permits process recovered and foreign travelers can enter Tibet from April1, we have begun permits application for early April trips.

[May 26,2019 Tibet Permits Policy Update]  Tibet Entry Travel Permit regulation is getting easier now and the permit processing period was also shorten more than one week since April 10 this year, now average Tibet Entry Travel Permit Processing time is around 10 working days for regular tours without Kailash, if travelers trip covers Kailash and Lake Manasarovar, it still takes 3 weeks time normally. On the other hand, the good news that all travel agencies here in Lhasa Tibet can submit the permits application via the online system and it saves some labor work.

[August 20,2019 Tibet Permits Application Situation Update]  
Tibet Entry Permit application process is fairly slow these days, but there is no news from our inner Chanel of Tibet closure in September 2019, as there are rumors spreading that Tibet will be closed in September due to the upcoming ceremony. Normally September is the peak season for foreign travelers because there are less Chinese mainland travelers, while the weather is great. Wish Tibet will remain open till end of this year.

[January 1,202o Tibet Permits Reopen Update]  Tibet Permit application was quite ok but the winner application efficiency is fairly slow. There were less people working in the TTB (Tibet tourism bureau) office in winter months as usual. The online submission was easy for travel agencies since April 2019, but all travel permits workers have to wait patiently to wait for many meetings a week. These regulations restrictions on Tibet permits really added much extra work and increased the cost of waiting. As local agency in Lhasa, we know how early to apply permits to avoid urgent cases. Anyway foreign travelers can still enter Tibet in February.

[January 22,202o Tibet Permits Latest Issue]  This is a really Big but BAD news: The Novel Coronavirus NCoV19 broke out in Wuhan, Hubei Province, China, and all travel permits application has to be suspended. Travel agencies have to hand back the permits which were already issued out. Tibet main tourism attractions such as Jokhang Temple, Potala Palace, and dozens of others are to be closed. From now on, travel agencies can not get any permits for foreign travelers.

[January 29,202o Tibet Permits Latest Issue]  A few weeks after the NCoV19 outbreak in Wuhan, Hubei province, Tibet remained the only region in China without confirmed case, but this was until Jan 29th, 2020 the first case of the Novel Coronavirus infection was reported. Tibet tourists attractions doors were shut for public and it is sure and wise that foreign travelers should avoid traveling in the following weeks. Mr. Zhang, the 34-year-old man from Suizhou city, Hubei Province, took the train from Wuchang and arrived in Lhasa on Jan 24, 2020. The next day, he himself came to a designated hospital in Lhasa for the treatment and was soon hospitalized and quarantined. Later, he was tested positive for the Novel Coronavirus (later named COVID19 by WHO). Currently, his health remains stable and is still in the isolation unit for further treatment. And importantly, no more new cases have been reported in Tibet since then.

[March23,202o Tibet Permits Latest Update] With the quick spreading of COVID19 in Italy, Spain, Iran, South Korea, USA and many other countries worldwide, China sees a surge daily for imported COVID19 cases, all Beijing inbound flights will be diverted to land in nearby airports such as Tianjin, Dalian, Xi’an, Shijiazhuang, and anymore. Other major gateway entry airports will take precautionary measures as Beijing. Many governments around the world announced travel warning to their fellow citizens. As a responsible agency with a group of Tibetan tour operators in Tibet, we battle together and do all necessary preparation work in our power to expect for the Tibet tourism recovery. But, we do suggest foreign travelers not come to Tibet/China in the near future even after it is reopen. Please keep an eye on the worldwide safety situation before you book any trips anywhere.

Read some reference about Malaysia government’s tourism restriction timeline:

[3.16 Update] Malaysia announced that it will lock its country for two weeks. Foreigners are not allowed to enter Malaysia, and Malaysia’s own nationals are also prohibited from leaving the country.

[3.7 update] Malaysia prohibits entry of foreigners who have been to the following places in the past 14 days:
Hubei Province, Jiangsu Province, Zhejiang Province, China, Cheongdo-gun, Daegu, South Korea, Hokkaido, Japan, Lombardy, Veneto, and Emilia-Romagna, Tehran, Qom and Gilan, Iran

[2.11 update] Malaysia prohibits entry of Chinese citizens with passports issued in Hubei, Jiangsu or Zhejiang or foreigners who have visited Hubei, Jiangsu or Zhejiang in the past 14 days. If the place of issuance is elsewhere and the place of birth is these three places, the itinerary needs to be carefully checked. If you have been to Hubei in the past 14 days, any foreign citizen in Jiangsu or Zhejiang will be barred from entering. Sabah has banned entry of foreigners who have been to mainland China in the past 14 days. Sarawak has banned entry of all Chinese citizens and foreigners who have been to mainland China in the past 14 days while the Singapore-Malaysia Johor port is closed to Chinese citizens.

The Malaysian government announced on January 27 that Chinese residents of Hubei were banned from entering the country (the passport was issued in Hubei). Malaysian residents have also launched a petition in hopes of banning Chinese citizens from entering the country altogether, but this has not yet been implemented.