Can Travelers from Norway Travel to Tibet in 2020

Many Norwegians desire to travel Tibet in the past. However it has been  8 long years without seeing travelers from Norway in Tibet since any Norwegian travelers set foot on Tibet in 2008. Tibet travel permits restrictions apply to this Nordic country, but it was open in the last two years. Well with the current COVID around the globe, which draws tens of thousands of travelers to travel to pandemic epicenters and more and more tourism restrictions policies happen around the whole world.

Recently flights scheduled to land in Beijing, Shanghai may not be able to land there but have to be diverted to land at other nearby airport, so travelers from Norway or other countries in Europe should plan a tour of Tibet for a later time in 2020 or 2021 when the situation gets back to normal.

For the Norwegian travelers to Tibet, once Tibet is open, they should follow the process below to get their Tibet travel permits approved.

SIMPLE Tibet Tour Booking Process for Norwegian travelers 

  • Step 1 – Contact one local Tibet travel agency to offer you a private tour or Tibet group tour;
  • Step 2 – Pay required deposit to secure the Tibet tour booking;
  • Step 3 – Provide Norwegian Passport data page & Chinese visa page in due time
  • Step 4 — Pack your bag for the tour, pay the balance upon arrival and enjoy the trip