Should KIWI People (New Zealanders) travel to Tibet in 2020?

If I am from New Zealand, can I travel to Tibet in 2020? New Zealand is the paradise for worldwide travelers since many years ago. Tony, as one of the general managers from Tibet local guide travel service team, went to New Zealand for more 5 times and had some special feeling on KIWI people and the beautiful country. Tibet, the hometown of Mt. Everest attracts hundreds of KIWI travelers every year, and the mostly well known one is Edmond Hillary who conquered Mt. Everest peak in 1956.

With the outbreak of COVID19 worldwide, New Zealand was also hit by this deadly virus and this is really horrible to New Zealanders. We, the whole team from Tibet local guide travel service, as one people, sincerely wish New Zealand will not be infected too much and tourism can keep well. It is good to know that New Zealand announces lockdown as Canada withdraws from Olympics in 2020. Fingers crossed and wish God will protect the land on the South Pacific Ocean!

Once the worldwide health situation goes better and the COVID19 crisis is over, and Tibet gets back to normal, Kiwi travelers are more than welcome to travel to Tibet. Based on the southwest of Pacific, with around 3-4 hours to Sydney, Melbourne, Australia, New Zealand has direct flights to Shanghai, Beijing and Chengdu, as well as Guangzhou. And it is even more convenient to fly from Auckland, New Zealand to Chengdu directly by Sichuan airline on every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, since there are more and cheaper flights to Lhasa Tibet from Chengdu. If you are from New Zealand and want to travel to Tibet, you are welcome to contact us by or or Gail from Auckland for references: