Is Tibet Worthy Traveling? Why Tibet Tour is Rewarding Experience?

As many foreign travelers know that without valid and efficient Tibet travel permitsTibet is difficult to get in, but it is even more difficult to get around. Travelers should join a group tour or take a private tour (on a tour only!) according to the local regulations on foreign travelers. However the natural beauty of the country, the spiritual atmosphere in the magic nation and the exotic Tibetan culture make it all worth it. Tibet is one of the most beautiful places in the world and it has many things to offer.

If you are heading to Tibet soon, here are some things you should know before your trip to Tibet.

  • Tibetan People (monks, nuns and people from all other walks of life)
  • Tibetan monasteries, palaces and nunneries
  • Tibetan mountains, rivers, lakes, valleys and gorges
  • Spiritual centers, meditation caves and many more
  • Tibetan arts and architecture
  • The Tibetan society (now and then, and the future)
  • Precautions you need to take before going, not only just Tibet permits, mountain sickness, local customs…

A trip to Tibet can be rewarding and adventurous experience, and it gives you a peek into one of the most oppressed nations in the world. But traveling to Tibet isn’t easy with the strict travel restrictions and visa rules. To prepare properly for this trip of a lifetime, here are some facts you need to know about travel to Tibet.

  1. Tibet Autonomous Region (TAR) is officially a part of China even though some people may not agree with that.
  2. If you have any pro-Tibetan sympathies, be careful with whom you discuss them.
  3. Discussing political issues with your Tibetan guide might get him or her into a potentially dangerous situation.
  4. There are lots of travel restrictions or tourism bans to Tibet, and it’s NOT easy to enter and the travel here.
  5. Independent travel is not allowed – except in Lhasa – and foreign travelers need to prearrange a tour in order to obtain a Tibet Tourism Bureau (TTB) permit.
  6. Without a TTB permit, you won’t be able to board a flight or train to Tibet.
  7. Besides citizens of Singapore, Brunei and Japan, all visitors require a valid Chinese visa to be able to enter China.
  8. Don’t mention Tibet and don’t list your occupation as ‘journalist’ or military person, etc, and public passport does not work.
  9. You will have to decide on your Tibet itinerary upon booking the trip.
  10. Travelers are also free to explore Lhasa on their own but a guide is a must needed if you enter a monastery, palace or any tour sites.

Why The Once a Life Time Tibet tour can be a Rewarding?

  1. Because of your visit to Tibet, Tibet and Tibetan people can get the attention and support from the outside world it deserves.
  2. Travel is one of the best form of education, let alone Tibet is such different from many other destination.
  3. By coming here, talking to our native Tibetans, seeing things from ground level and in the eyes of our Tibetan people can you truly learn about what’s going on, and can therefore inform others about the state that Tibet is in.
  4. The high level of spirituality for many Tibetan people will probably empower yourself from your sole and heart. Tibetans are deeply devoted to their faith and it can be extremely moving to experience their dedication.
  5. Learn to appreciate Tibetan culture and the religious daily life for people from all walks of life.
  6. To learn what has happened in history and what is happening now.
  7. Enjoy the pristine beauty of the natural landscapes and it makes it worth your while. Geography in Tibet is on a humbling scale —dramatic snow-peaked mountains loom over vast plains, zigzagging highways weave their way through high passes draped with colorful prayer flags, while glittering turquoise lakes stand in the shadow of centuries-old glaciers. Home to several of the world’s highest peaks, Tibet is an extremely mountainous region packed to the brim with natural sights that are impressive in terms of magnitude.

For those who are planning to travel Tibet, I hope this list has prepared you for your trip to the wonder of the world. Regardless, expect to be surprised, because nothing will really prepare you for the magic of Tibet.

Interested in traveling to Tibet? Tibet local guide travel service run many kinds of Tibet tours! Once the NCoV19 (COVID19) Coronavirus pandemic situation is over and things get back to normal, we will be more than happy to welcome you to our land and enjoy any trips soon.