How Can I Prevent Tibet High Altitude Sickness?

Travelers worry a lot about AMS-Acute Mountain Sickness! This is very commonly asked by many travelers around the world. Tibet is with average high altitude above 4000 meters above sea level and you have to take precautions to help get well acclimatized.

It s quite normal that most people will face altitude sickness when ascending to a higher altitude and this is especially true when in Tibet.

Here local Tibetan guide provide you the tips to help you get well acclimatized:

  1. Try to avoid catching a flu before enter into Tibet;
  2. Make sure to get a good night’s sleep the night before flying to Lhasa;
  3. Better drink more water;
  4. Avoid strenuous activity during your first day in Tibet;
  5. Do not overexert yourself after your arrival in Tibet; walk slowly, take deep breaths;
  6. Take time to acclimatize;
  7. Ascend to higher altitudes gradually. DO NOT ASCEND ANY HIGHER if you begin feeling ill;
  8. Do not clime to Potala Palace on the 2nd day upon arrival;
  9. Enquire your doctors for personal advice just for your health condition;
  10. Prepare AMS medication, in accordance with a doctor’s advice.

Anyway first aid like oxygen supply should be available when one has severe symptoms and urgent transfer to hospital is the way to go. The most workable way to deal with is just fly out to a lower altitude.Then it is gone for good and ever.