Question: Do You have Tibet Group Tours to Mt.Kailash in April or May in 2020?

Answer: Firstly traveling around the whole world in 2020 is not suitable because of the COVID19 outbreak. And it is still ongoing pandemic. So it is obvious that whole 2020 is not suitable or traveling to Tibet according to the worldwide situation. Secondly, early April is not suitable for Kailash trekking trail. April is early spring in Tibet and weather gets warming up, however in most places along the way to Mt.Kailash, it is still cold, and it is very possible that the Kailash trekking trail is not accessible especially in early April, even though sometimes the Kora is doable around middle of April. But if there is heavy snow, travelers will almost not be able do the full Parikrama (kora). Tibet Local Guide travel service team suggest foreign traveler not begin the trip as early as before April 15 and have the trip little bit more flexible, if in case during the specific scheduled trekking days the weather condition is no good, we can adjust the trip to Guge Kingdom first and come back for the Kora once weather gets better. As many people may not know that, the weather changes quite often a day, and people have more chances to do the Kailash Kora once whether gets better soon. You can choose to join a Kailash group tour package on this page or check more Tibet Kailash Tours programs.