Can the Novel Coronavirus Spread Between Travelers to Lhasa, Tibet/China?

This is a major concern among most travelers to China and Tibet. There are NCoV confirmed cases for overseas travelers who return to Thailand, Australia and USA after traveling in China. Even though right now it is very safe to travel in Tibet, but it is quite possible that Tibet will be on the waiting list of reopen after tourism temporal closure. During the national spring festival, most and major tourists attractions are closed for protecting travelers being infected by possible viruses.

Novel-Coronavirus-Spreading-between-people-Tibet Tour Closure

With regards to the question whether Novel Coronavirus can spread between travelers or not, the answer from CCTV reports recently that this kind of disease is contagious from animal to human, but also quite possible for the spreading between human. In limited cases, according to the CDC, but the primary mode of transmission seems to be from animal to human. In terms of how one would catch the virus, the CDC says that human coronaviruses are most commonly spread between an infected person and others via:

  1. —the air (from viral particles from a cough or sneeze);
  2. —close personal contact (touching or shaking hands);
  3. —an object or surface with viral particles on it (then touching your mouth, nose or eyes before washing your hands);
  4. —and rarely from fecal contamination.