Can Indian Travelers go to Mt. Kailash with travel agency in Lhasa, Tibet?

Well this is a very common question asked by many Indian travelers, especially many questions are raised by travelers from India. However due to the Tibet Kailash permits strict restrictions, all travel agencies here in Lhasa Tibet have no rights to apply any Tibet permits for Indian nationality passports holders for Kailash travel. This business is controlled by government pilgrimage office, namely they say they may have very strict and serious tourism arrangement management and they do not allow any travel agencies to organize these tours. However as travel agency in Lhasa, Tibet, we can organize all Kailash Manasarovar tours for any none Indian passports holders. If you are overseas Indian immigrants, we can definitely organize any tours in Tibet. The solution for Indian travelers Kailash tour booking is that, these travelers should book the Kailash trip with India based tour companies. Read further about Kailash tours here.