Can I take public transport for my Tibet tour? Is this allowed or not?

The answer to this question is “Partially Yes, while Partially No”. When you are in Lhasa, you can take taxi, pedicab and bus, this is no problem. However when you travel under your foreign passports and want to go out of Lhasa, you are not allowed to do so. All foreign travelers must travel with tour licensed vehicles which are arranged by legal travel agencies, additionally when you travel out of Lhasa, a tour guide must be included in your tour package.  But please be noted that, public transport is cheap and convenient in Tibet for local people. The Lhasa buses are mostly busy and crowded and there are too many people on board. It is not always great idea to do this because when people gather together, nobody knows who gets sick  and  whether there is potential person to person virus transfer. If you have a chance to go by bus in Lhasa, you’d better wear a mask as most local people do, this is not only good for protecting your skin against the sunburn and from the sandy storms, but also good to agains the virus deseas transfer.