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Tsetang lies in the center of the Yarlung valley between the Himalayas and Gangdise belts. Historically. It has been the capital of Yarlung Kingdom. It was also the seat of ancient emperors of Tibet. Today, it is one of the largest cities in Tibet. It belongs to Nedong County, Lhoka Prefecture, and sits 183 km southeast of Lhasa.

Tsetang is close to many major attractions in Shannan region. Some of the highlights include Yumbu Lhakhang Palace, the oldest palace built in Tibet over two thousand years ago for the first Tsampo (king) of the Tubo tribe. There is also Samye Monastery, the first monastery in Tibet build in the 8th century by the great Trisong Detsen, and is widely considered the headstream of Tibetan Buddhism. Other notable spots are Tombs of Tibetan Kings, Lhamoi Lhatso Lake, Yamzho Yumco Lake, Samding Monastery, Mindroiling Monastery, etc.

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Best Season:May to September
Popular Location: Samye Monastery, Yumbulagang Palace...

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