Tibet Local Guide’s Tour Payment Guide

Tibet Local Guide Travel Service” accepts the Tibet tour payment modes as listed below:

  1. Alipay or WeChat Pay
  2. Western Union transfer
  3. Bank Telex wire transfer to our bank accounts
  4. Online Credit card payment

Here below are some guidelines and instructions on how to pay for your Tibet tour booking.

1) Alipay or Wechat Pay-The popular Tibet tour payment mode in Tibet, China.

For those travelers who are already in China, it is fairly easy to pay by Alipay or WeChat pay.

2) Tibet travel payment by western union transfer (regular Bank transfer)

Western Union is the fast and safe way to pay for your Tibet tour.All you need to do is find the nearest Western Union branch in your area. Or visit www.westernunion.com to make payment to us with the following information (However Tibet bank authority does not allow people to receive western union transfer, you need to pay to our manager’s address in Chengdu)

Western Union wire to our private account

  • Receiver’s First Name: KUNZHI
  • Receiver’s Last Name:  YANG
  • City: Chengdu
  • Country: China

Please send us the following information after transfering:

  1. Remitter’s First Name:
  2. Remitter’s Last Name:
  3. The sum of money in USD or EURO:
  4. Where you sent the money (i.e. City & Nation):
  5. Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN Codes)-and please email the Money order receipt copy

3) Tibet travel payment by bank telex wire transfer (Some Banks in Japan has Union pay wire transfer) 

Bank telex wire transfer charges comparatively cheaper service fee than other ways of payment, it usually takes only 1-5 working days to get throgh to our company, so we suggest you pay us this way.

Private bank account A: (regular Bank transfer for overseas travelers-no fee)

Bank Name Postal Savings Bank of China
Bank Account 6217 9965 1002 0593 842
Beneficiary WANG SHI CHAO
Bank Add No.73 Shawan Road, Chengdu, Sichuan, China
Bank Tel +86-28-87644800
Beneficiary’s Phone (86) 18080158435
Post Code (86) 61000

Private bank account B: (regular Bank transfer for overseas travelers-no fee)

Bank Name Postal Savings Bank of China
Bank Account 6217996510027234077
Beneficiary YANG KUN ZHI
Bank Address No.73 Shawan Road, Chengdu, Sichuan, China
Beneficiary’s Identity Number 511023197901245177
Bank Telephone +86-28-87644800
Beneficiary’s Phone (86) 18080158435
Post Code (86) 61000

Tibet Travel Payment to official Company bank account +7% fee (USD or EURO, NZ$, CAD$, AUD$ or HK$)

For Overseas wire transfer to our company’s official bank account below, an additional governmental tax and banking fee is to be charged. This account DOES NOT accept payment of CNY !

Note: Wire Transfer charges transfer fee of 3.5 %.

Bank Name Bank of China , Tibet Branch
Bank Account 138806787150
Tel (86) 891-6813333-6111
Fax (86) 891-6832796
Post Code (86) 850000

4) Tibet travel payment by credit card

Travelers like to confirm tour payment via online credit card payment. We do have this option available and please feel worry free to enjoy our online booking system. we have done quite a lot to make this happen. We value your time for confirming your Tibet holiday, life is too short to enjoy, so focus more time on your life and travel, we will work hard to make all things simple and easy. How to book a tour? just choose one of your liked tours and click book and process the payment step by step.