Category: Tibet Spiritual Tours

The spiritual and belief journey in Tibet has a history of more than a thousand years, whether from the religious, cultural or spiritual level. For devout pilgrims, going to Mansarovar Lake or Mount Kailash will be their greatest spiritual pursuit. In Tibet, different spiritual journeys covering different spiritual destinations will take you through the cliffs of religious hermitages, stunning turquoise lakes, famous monasteries, ancient cemeteries, sacred mountains, caves and legendary peaks. Explore countless Buddhist monasteries and temples, trek through the beautiful Yarlung Valley, meet hermits, retreat in the hermit retreat in Chimphu, and then cross the mysterious mountains. Kailash or visiting the heavenly Nam-Tso and Yamdrok-Tso lakes will be a pleasant experience and it will expand your inner horizons.

Tibet Attractive Destination for Meditation

This couple years, the yoga and spiritual meditation tours in Tibet become more and more popular. The observance of etiquette, integration with pilgrims, and deep connection with locals and traditions in Tibet will give you the most peaceful and powerful impact. The unique and magical atmosphere around it inspires a sense of completeness in natural wonders and evokes a literal eternity on the roof of the world.

Adventure travel doesn’t always have to do with breaking the wind and climbing peaks, but sometimes with entering the interior and exploring the realm of our inner world. Tibet is such a unique place, full of meditation places to support the souls of all beings.

Although it may be counter-intuitive to travel long distances with a group of silent strangers, meditation retreats can provide guidance to those who are exploring inside. Meditation teacher Jack Kornfield said: “Every wise culture knows that sometimes it is important to go out in the desert or mountains, or to shrink back and listen,” including his book The Heart of the Wise and “Bring Home” Dharma. ” “Calm down, open your heart, and listen. Almost everyone benefits in our life cycle.” Worrying about not talking for a week, eating meat or falling asleep is common. But those who persist are rewarded. “It turns out they like it in almost every case,” Kornfield said. “Things that seem to be difficult, such as silence, immediately turn into brilliant gifts.”

We sincerely hope that your trip to Tibet will deeply evolve you and help you thrive.