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Tsetang (Shannan), the legend is that the god monkey and the Raksha girl combined to give birth to the Tibetan people. The names of Nie Chizamp, Songtsan Gambo, and Princess Wencheng remind you at all times: This is the place where Tibetan culture originated; Shannan is the birthplace of the Tibetan people and Tibetan culture. There are no strange buildings and no urban prosperity here, but here is the first palace in Tibetan history, the first Zanpu, and the first temple with three treasures. The first scripture, the first piece of farmland, the first village … Shannan has almost all the “firsts” in Tibet. When you come here, you will see the authentic Tibetan culture

Samye Monastery

Samye Monastery or Samye Gompa (Tibetan: བསམ་ ཡས་ དགོན་ པ །, 桑耶寺), also known as "Cunxiang Temple", "Boundless Temple", located in In Sanye Town, Zhalang…