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Nyingchi Attractions -Feel Tibet in the Lowest Altitude

Nyingchi, literally, means “Throne of Sun” in Tibetan. It is a prefecture in southeastern Tibet. It approaches Lhasa, Shannan, Qamdo and Ngachu in four directions. It also boarders India and Burma on the south. Take a look from the map, Nyingchi is surrounded by Himalaya Range, Nyenchen Tanglha Mountains and Hengduan Mountains, which forms the grandeur of natural beauty in Nyingchi. With an average altitude of 3,100m, Nyingchi is the lowest region in Tibet, which means Nyingchi got more oxygen than any other prefecture in Tibet.

Nyingchi has enjoyed the reputation- “Oriental Switzerland in Tibet” and “Jiangnan in Tibet”. The natural conditions here are kept from disturbing. The deepest canyon in the world Yarlung Tsangpo Grand Canyon crumpled the plateau and China’s longest plateau river-Yarlung Tsangpo river zigzags through steep peaks. Travel in Nyingchi, Enjoy the getaway.

Facts of Nyingchi

Explore Nyingchi East Tibet

  • Location: a prefecture-level city in Eastern Tibet, West China
  • Altitude: 3,000 m (12,585 ft)
  • Time Zone: UTC+8 (China Standard)
  • Area: 116,175 square kilometers
  • Administrative Division: 1 district, 6 counties
  • Climate and Weather: temperate and semi-humid monsoon climate on the plateau
  • Airport: Mainling Airport (Nyingchi Milin Airport)
  • Highways: Sichuan Tibet Highway and Yunnan Tibet Highway
  • Railway: Lhasa Nyingchi Railway (under construction)

Places to See in Nyingchi

Nyingchi, 4 hours by driving from Lhasa, or 1.5 hours flight from Chengdu has following major sites to consider when you plan a tour in Eastern Tibet. You will need sometime from 3 to 5 days at least to have more authentic experiences.

  • Lulang Forest
  • Huge Cypress & Kadin Valley
  • Peach Blossom Valley
  • Basum Tso Lake (Draksumtso lake)
  • Namjagbarwa Mountain
  • Yarlung Tsangpo Grand Canyon (only for Chinese ID/Passports Holders, Foreign Travelers not allowed in)
  • Pomi and Lake Raog (Ranwu Lake)

Yarlung Tsangpo river is the longest river in China’s plateau area. And its canyon, the Yarlung Tsangpo Grand Canyon is the deepest, longest and most dangerous canyon in the world. The depth’s deepest record is 6,009 meters. It stretches more than 500km from northern Daduka Village to the southern Baxika Village. There are nine vertical natural zones in the canyon, which provides thousands of plants and funguses with appropriate conditions to grow. At the downstream of this canyon, the Yarlung Tsangpo drifts alone. The edges on the both sides suffered Yarlung Tsangpo’s erosion serious enough to shape a U-form valley along the strech.

Tibetan famous attraction-Nyingchi, Yarlung Tsangpo river and canyon, Nyingtri travel
Beautiful sight of Yarlung Tsangpo Canyon in Nyingchi,Tibet

Basum Tso Lake is one of the most beautiful lakes in Tibet. It is featured in green water view accompanied with green mountains in surrounding. Take a distant look and you will see many snow-covered peaks. Right in the middle of Basum Tso Lake lies a small island carrying a small Buddhist temple. If you care to, you can sail on the pure lake to your heart’s content.

Tibet Highlight Landscape Adventure
Welcome to explore Nyingchi and see far more than Lake Draksumtso!

Namjagbarwa Mountain is the highest mountain in Nyingchi. It is also the 15th highest mountain in the world with an elevation of 7,782 meters. One interesting fact about Namjagbarwa is that with the altitude’s climbing up, the land forms appear to distinct from each other. Besides, Namjagbarwa Mountain was complimented as the most enchanting mountain in China. If you take a close look , you could find the clouds and mist floating over Namjagbarwa occasionally, which makes the mountain a mysterious goddess awaits someone to explore. By the way Legends implies that only those who are most loyal to their faith could see the panorama of Namjiagbarwa.

Tibetan Mountain Scenic Journey
Nanjiabawa Pictureque Experience – Tibet Tour with Tibetan local guide

Tibet Nyingchi Travel Advice

  1. Climate: The weather is mild and humid in Nyingchi. The annual temperature of Nyingchi is 9℃ with the annual rainfall of 679 mm.  Weather in each seasons are distinctive. Bur all in all it is not too hot in summer and not too cold in winter. Even in winter, the average temple is above 0℃.
  2. Transportation: Go to Nyingchi by air is the most convenient way. The Nyingchi Mainling Airport is located at an altitude of 2,949m. It is the lowest airport in Tibet, but one thing needs to be mentioned is that Nyingchi Airport is the most difficult airport for planes to land. Because the airport is situated among the valleys of the Yarlung Zangpo River. Clouds and mist make the situation even worse.
  3. Food: Nyingchi is endowed with comparatively warmer weather, which brings prosperity. Nyingchi is abundant in veges and livestock. The special dish is the Stone Pot Chicken, Bahe Fish, Tibetan Blood Sausage and Hand-Held Mutton.
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