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Nagchu (also Nagqu or Naqu) in the northern Tibet is the largest prefecture of Tibet Autonomous Region. Nagchu Prefecture is generally called as Changtang, which brews the characteristic nomadic culture and  glorious scenery. Nagchu tourist attractions offer you detailed information about all the tourist sights in Nagqu, like

  • Qiangtang Prairie
  • Nagqu Horse Racing Festival
  • Nyenchen Tangula Mountain
  • Tangra Yum Tso
  • Tsanden Monastery
  • Siling Tso
  • Relics of Xiangxiong Kingdom
  • Skeleton Wall
  • Shenzha Nature Reserve
  • Purog Kangri Glacier
  • Geladandong Serac
Nagchu Nagqu scenery Tibet attractions
famous travel Tibet destination-Nagqu

The facts of Nagchu

Location: largest prefecture-level city in Tibet, West China

Altitude: 4,500 m (14,764 ft)

Area: 450,537 square kilometers

Administrative Division: 1 district, 10 counties

Climate and Weather: typical sub-arctic climate with over 2,886 hours of sunshine every year

Best Time for Visit: May to September (especially August for Nagqu horse festival)

Railway: Nagchu Railway Station

Airport: Nagqu Dagring Airport (to be built)

Nagchu famous sight in Tibet
The typical plateau topography in Tibet

The Horse Race

Every August, Nagqu hosts the Kyagqen Horse Race, an important traditional event, enchanting tens of thousands of herdsmen to participate in. They set up camp in tents in the southern part of the main town  horsemanship and archery contests on August 10. Their hats are mostly made from lamb skins and artificial leather. An up-right stripe of fabric at the hat’s upper part. These are two things for female Tibetans to wear during the festival.

The Wild Life in Nagchu

Nagqu has a healthy ecological conditions. Species are plentiful here. There are wild goats, stone sheep, scorpions, donkeys, bears, foxes, wolves, and birds such as Tibetan finch, brown-backed crow, pheasant, vulture, wild ducks, swans, black-necked cranes, and red-crowned cranes. As of 2018 seven wildlife conservation areas have been established in Nagqu. The 400,000 hectare Siling Co National Nature Reserve around Siling Lake was established in 1993 and contains significant populations of black-necked cranes and some 120 species of birds in total. The Yalong Scenic Area, covering an area of 1,580 square kilometres was established in 1988 and is located in the middle reaches of the Yarlung Zangbo River in the vicinity of Zedang Town.@Wikipedia

famous Tibetan attraction Nagchu
wild animal of Tibetan famous attraction-Nagchu

Things to do in Nagchu

  1. Attending Nagqu Horse Festival in August – the most welcomed  festival in northern Tibet brings you unparalleled excitement
  2. Exploring the mysterious relics of Xiangxiong Kingdom – the ancient culture center on the Tibetan field
  3. Capturing the exclaiming views of Namtso Lake and Siling Tso – the most frequently visited lakes in Tibet

Visiting the prestigious Tsanden Monastery and other off-the-beaten-track temples altogether

Lake Namtso, Tibetan famous lake to tourists
Lake Namtso, Tibetan famous lake to tourists

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