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Lhasa Tourism Attractions – What Lhasa has to offer

Welcome to explore top recommended Lhasa tourists attractions! As the capital city of Tibet, Lhasa has long gone been considered the Tibetan culture center and the window to the outside world. Since 1980s when it was firstly open to the world officially, it became one of the hottest travel destinations world-widely. Lhasa has a developed system in tourism. It is famous for its cultural atmosphere, and the daunting beauty of nature-the azure sky, the animal flocks, the extended meadow  and  the glowing skyline. Over the years, countless visitors can’t help lingering in Lhasa. Nowadays, Lhasa claims to be  in the Top 50 most famous travel destinations in the world. The residents here are faithful, innocent and hospitable. All the cultural and geographical elements distinguish Lhasa as an unique destination. Here are the must-seeing list of attractions in Lhasa.

Lhasa Travel Attraction List

  1. Potala Palace
  2. Jokhang Temple
  3. Barkhor Street
  4. Norbulingka
  5. Sera Monastery
  6. Drepung Monastery
  7. Pabongka Monastery
  8. Tibet Museum
  9. Ramoche Temple
  10. Nechung
  11. Namtso Lake
  12. Ganden Gompa
  13. Drigung Til Monastery
  14. Yangpachen Hotspring
  15. Lalu Wetland National Nature Preserve
  16. Chakpori Hill
  17. Lhasa River
  18. Tsurphu Monastery

Tibet Lhasa Tourism Attractions Recommendation

There are hundreds of distinguished architectures in and nearby Lhasa, such as monasteries, nunneries, palaces, Natural landscapes like Holy lakes and lofty mountains, Hot springs in Tibet.

Top attractions in Lhasa you must not omit, they are Jokhang Temple-the religious center of Lhasa, Barkhor Street-the market area selling all kinds of commodities, Potala Palace-the winter palace of Dalai  Lama, and Drepung and Sera got the famous monasteries to see. Let alone the holy lake-Namtso Lake-also known as the biggest and heavenly lake in Lhasa.

It is always hard for a fresh-hand to decide what sites could fit in a Tibet tour itinerary. Here we collected the tourists attractions in different regions of Lhasa. And we also recommend the top Tibet travel destinations and attractions. So you will Visit Lhasa in the eyes of local Tibetan Guide and this surely will improve your understanding because with years of experience, we know what Tibet has to offer during such a short period of travel time.