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Welcome to explore top Tibet tourists attractions we recommend to you! Tibet, known as “Roof of the World”, opened its door to the outside world in the 1980s. It was the threshold since Tibet earned its reputation. Tibet gradually gained its popularity and so as to be evaluated as Top 50 most famous travel destinations in the world. It’s said that travelers must visit Tibet once in their life time.

Tibet was renowned for its picturesque natural ecology. The topography and geomorphology of Tibet are magnificent: the plateau, the turbulent river, the tranquil lakes, the steep peaks, the lofty mountains.  The vast span of plateau provides Tibet with abundant resources. Tibet is such a great land that it brewed up generations of Tibetans and endowed them with deeply rooted traditional culture. Tibet map in google

There are hundreds of  ancient architectures like monasteries, nunneries and Palaces in Tibet. The religion, the loyalty and devotion could easily generate sheer touch from the bottom of your heart. Here we collected the tourists attractions in different regions of Tibet. And we also recommend the top Tibet travel destinations and attractions.