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Chimpu Hermitage: Nunnery and Meditation Caves – Tibetan Meditation Tours to Chimpu

In the minds of Tibetans, when you come to Sanye Temple without going to Chimpu Hermitage (Qingpu Meditation Center,青朴修行地), it means you have n’t come to pray. So when you come to Sanye Temple, you usually go to Qingpu practice site. The Qingpu practice site is located 15km northeast of Samye Temple, at an altitude of 4200m. It is said that there were 108 practice caves, 108 sky funerals, and 108 god springs in the Qingpu Mountain. Many ascetics from afar practiced here. Its size is equivalent to a small village. Many Tibetans regard this place as a sacred place because there are practitioners who live in disregard for their hardships and hardships. Qingpu has a high altitude, and it is a bit laborious to walk. You can take the shuttle bus to and from Sanye Temple. In addition, it is best to bring food and water to Qingpu. There are no restaurants on the mountain.

Chimpu Hermitage Cave Monastery Tibetan Tsetang Tour

The Chimpu Hermitage Meditation Cave monastery/nunnery is one of Tibet’s most sacred sites, attracting many pilgrims. There are meditation caves on the hillside, where yogis have been meditating for centuries. There used to be 108 meditation rooms, including caves associated with Padma Sambhava, Indian teacher Atisha, and Tibetan King Trisong Detsen.

In 2019, nearly 300 hermits, monks and nuns meditated in caves scattered on the hillsides.

Chimpu Hermitage Meditation Cave monastery/nunnery is located near Samye Monastery. If you want to hike to the top of the mountain, you will need almost a full day tour including Samye Monastery. On a half-day excursion, we will drive from Samye to Chimpu’s convent. On a full-day tour, we will first visit the convent. Afterwards, we will hike to the chapel near the top of the mountain and see the meditation caves and chapels on higher floors. It takes 2 hours to hike up, some of our elderly travelers from Netherland hiked with our agency years back and they are a group of buddhists from the association in Netherland.

This remote monastery is closely related to Indian master Padma Sambhava (Guru Rinpoche). We can see several Padma Sambhava footprints in the mountains. There are caves for Guru Rinpoche meditation. The first cave is next to the main building of the monastery. You can spend some time meditating in the cave.

One of the most important caves, Drakman Keutsang, is on the upper level of the mountain. The Drakman Keutsang cave is where Padma Sambhava teaches his eight disciples. When Guru Rinpoche meditated in the cave, thousands of gods came to the cave and walked into the rocks on the ceiling. The rocks are naturally golden. To this day, you can see their faces and contours on golden stones.

In front of the Padma Sambhava cave, we can see the imprint of the knee, where the daughter of King Trisong Detsen is praying to Padma Sambhava. Next to it is a stone, which was transported from an aerial funeral in India. Pilgrims are rubbing it against their backs and shoulders. The monastery was built around this cave. The upper terrace of the monastery overlooks the valley. On the terrace you can see most of the chimpanzee hermit, female, zigzag road and Yarlung Tsangpo river and Hepo Ri mountain in the distance.

Another Padma Sambhava cave near the white stupa is easy to find because of the huge golden footprint outside the cave. Inside the rock you can see the cave and nun’s little meditation space, where the nun will meditate and take care of the cave.

Tibetan Chimpu Hermitage Nunnery and Meditation Caves Hiking Guidelines 

Tour of Tibet Chimpu Hermitage Cave Monastery Tibetan Guide in Lhasa

We recommend this spiritual hiking trip to visit Chimpu, you will see small caves where monks and nuns sit quietly along the way for Meditation. When practitioners meditate for a long time, they stay in the cave and receive only a small portion of food. Some monks live in caves we can visit. The hiking takes about 3 hours and then walking back to the entrance takes about 1 hour. There are stone steps on a new road, and hiking is much easier than in previous years. On the way to the top, we can visit some meditation caves. As we hike towards the top of the mountain, you will have a spectacular view of the Hermitage, the Yalu Valley and Hepo Ri mountain, the Samye Monastery from a far.

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