Mt Everest View - Sun Set Picture of Tibet Mountain

Mount Everest – The Natural Wonder of Tibet is the Most Famous Attraction in Tibet

Tibetan local guide travel service introduces the world famous Mt. Everest to you.Mount Everest (Everest) is the main peak of the Himalayas and the highest mountain in the world. It is located on the border between China and Nepal. The north is in the territory of Tingri County, Tibet, China (the west slope is in Zhaxi Zongxiang, Tingri County, east Po is in Qudang Township, Tingri County, with Mount Everest Base Camp), and the southern part is in Nepal. It is the highest mountain in the world and the center of China’s Everest Nature Reserve and the Nepal National Park across four counties.

Photography Tour of Tibet with local insiders
Tibet Photography Tour – Everest Base Camp Adventure with Tibet Local Guide Travel Service

Mountain Everest Basic Facts:

  • Chinese name: Mount Qomolangma
  • English name: Mount Everest nicknamed Everest, Mount Everest
  • The main peak is the Himalayas owned by China (North Slope);
  • Opening hours are open all day
  • Ticket price 180.00 yuan
  • Everest base camp (5200m): Rongbuk temple, Rongbuk glacier
  • Recommended Travel Duration: 4-5 days from and back to Lhasa
  • Suitable for climbing: April, September to October
  • Everest is 8848 meters high in snow cover, 8844.43 meters high in rock surface
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Adventure Tour to Mt Everest Base Camp

In Tibetan, “Zhu Mu” means “goddess”, “Langma” means “mother elephant“, and the overall meaning is “mother of the earth.”
The height of Mount Everest, the snow cover height (total height) adopted by Nepal and other countries is 8,848 meters, which is consistent with the measurement of the Everest by Chinese surveyors in 1975; China adopted the rock surface height measured by the National Bureau of Surveying and Mapping of China in 2005 (Naked height means geological height) is 8844.43 meters. In 2005, the precise measurement and publication of the elevation of the rock surface of Mount Everest at 8844.43 meters was strictly scientific and statutory. It has been adopted as the standard data uniformly adopted by China so far; the new Mount Everest was announced in the State Council or a department authorized by the State Council Prior to the elevation data, any unit or individual should use the altitude data of the rock surface of the Everest peak published in accordance with the law at 8844.43 meters.

Tibet Mount Everest Base Camp Regular Travel Guidelines 

  • 700 km to the southwest of Lhasa;
  • Mt. Everest Base Camp Entrance Tickets price: CNY180;
  • Fee for Vehicle to enter the environmental zone: CNY400 to be paid by travelers;
  • A licensed tour guide is a must, otherwise you are not able to enter;
  • A licensed tour vehicle (private car or shared car) is a must;
  • The road to Rongphu monastery (EBC) is yearly around accessible;
  • Best season is between May20 and Sept.30; while cloudy season could be summer (July-August);
  • 4-5 days roundtrip from and back to Lhasa is necessary;
  • More complicated Tibet permits are needed, foreign travelers need to book these tours at least 20 days in advance;
  • 1-3 travelers need to join a tour for better price;
  • 4-10 travelers better take a private and more comfortable;
  • Price ranges from 850 USD to 1200 USD, avoid top expensive offers as Tibet tourism is more competitive, tour services quality is more or less the similar.
  • Accommodation at Everest base camp option: tent house or the Rongphu guesthouse (both are basic)
  • Toilet facility is poor (personal hand sanitizer and toilet paper recommended).

Mt. Everest Climbing is banned since 2020 due to the COVID19 Pandemic 

Mount Everest Mountaineering Adventure tips

  • Only Tibet/Nepal Mountaineering association can organize the Everest Climbing Adventure;
  • Climbers need Different Tibet permits FOR Climbing, regular Tibet travel permits do not work;
  • Physical fitness training needed to climb Everest;
  • If you have a certain financial foundation, and your body is OK, and you don’t have asthma or heart disease
    Hypertension and other diseases, then you can go to the next step:
  • Prepare for Mount Everest climbing a long time before action. Don’t underestimate the difficulty, this process takes 3 to 4 years;
  • The first step is low-altitude outdoor activities, physical fitness training, and basic technical studies;
  • The physical training is mainly endurance, cardiopulmonary function, strength of the legs and waist and abdomen, and carrying capacity. 
  • The second step is to enter the thin air zone at high altitude;
  • Before climbing Mount Everest, it is best to have 2 to 3 high-altitude mountaineering experiences.
  • When you climb the mountain, you should carry anti-plateau reaction products to prepare for severe plateau reactions.
  • According to the law of gradual progress, healthy people can start from the 6000-meter mountain peak, and then the 7000-meter, 8000-meter peak;
  • All necessary travel insurance will be needed;
  • Leave your footprint and wonderful memory only.
Mt Everest Base Camp Adventure – Eco Tour of Tibet

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