Drive to Visit Milin – Experience the East of Tibet

East Tibet is less popular but more authentic than Lhasa! Experience from virgin forest to alpine pastures, towering snowy mountains, clear rivers, and blue lakes; experience the beauty of different altitudes and the changes of growing plants. In the Cordyceps season, you can experience high mountain digging Cordyceps on the roadside.

Experience method: Rent a Car, a driver, a tour guide and permit

Here we recommend the route arrangement:
DAY1: State Road 318 passes Linyi Bayi Town along Provincial Highway 306—Sesu Manor—Milin Airport—Nanyigou—Caizhao Village;
DAY2: Caizhao Village—Caizhaogou—Zangguoguo—Wishing Tree—Lilong Sand Dune—Wolong Town—Dangga Richai—Pulonggou—Zhongtanggou—Alatang—Qingbo Ranch—Lang County (Zhulang County) );
DAY3: Lang County-Ramla wrong-Gacha-Lhasa (living in Lhasa).

Tibet Car Renal for a trip to Milin, Nyingchi?

As a foreign traveler, whether you can rent a car in Lhasa for a more flexible Tibet tour is a common question. Many foreign travelers frequently ask our agency. Renting a tour car such as land cruiser, Prado, Business Van or mini bus with a driver has become the most popular way of getting around in Tibet. And foreign travelers can also hire a car. While according to the local regulation, foreigners do need a licensed driver, a guide and a Tibet permit when traveling out of Lhasa. Tibet Local Guide – Tibet Ctrip Tours (,and has prepared all kinds of Tibet car rental packages services.