Mount Kailash – The “Precious Jewel of Snow” is the Most Sacred Peak in Tibet

Mount Kailash (also Kailasa; Kangrinboqê or Gang Rinpoche), with an altitude of 6656 meters, is the main peak of the Gangdise Mountains in China and the second highest peak of the Gangdise Mountains ranges. It is one of China’s famous mountains and is located in the northern part of Pulan County, southwest of the Tibet Autonomous Region. Tibetan regard the mountain as gods. The faults on the south side landed in the Xiangquan River Valley and Ma Pang Yong Coo and Laon Co Lake basins. Covered by ice and snow above 6000 meters above sea level, 28 modern glaciers are distributed, mainly ice bucket glaciers and hanging glaciers. There are more glaciers on the south slope than on the north slope.

The Soul center of Buddhism the Kailash Mountain

Gangdese is called “Gang Rinpoche” or “Gang Rinpoche” in Tibetan, which means the treasure of the snow mountain. This sacred mountain of Gangdise is the land of 80 million worlds of Omoron or Western Elysium. It has given birth to 80 million sages and spreads the Dharma. It is the geographical and cultural center of Beibu Island and the Tubo of China. The ancient Buddhist dharma, which was born and raised in the area of ​​xiangxiong, is the hometown of Yongzhong Benbo Buddhism. Yongzhong Bumpa Buddhism is the primitive Buddhism of the Tibetan people. It is a wishful treasure for all sentient beings.

Tibetan Local Guide Pilgrims Spiritual Journey to Holy Mt.Kailash

Mountain Kailash (Gang Rinpoche) is also a mountain of many religions. The Sanskrit language is called Mount Giro, and the northern foot of Gang Rinpoche Peak is the birthplace of Shiquan River in the upper reaches of the Indus River. According to legend, the Yongzhong Ben religion originated from the mountain; Hinduism believes that the mountain is the home of Shiva, the center of the world; Jainism believes that the mountain is the place where its ancestor, Rishabha, got the path. Le King Kong’s residence represents infinite happiness. Believers at home and abroad have been here every year.

The Mt. Kailash Travel Route for Indian Pilgrims (to be arranged only by Chinese Government)

Morning Sunrise at Mt.Kailash

From June to November each year, Indian pilgrims travel to Mount Kailas and Lake Mansarovar in southwestern Tibet to pilgrimage Hindu Shiva. At one time, China only opened pilgrimage routes to Indian pilgrims at the Liprik Pass in Tibet and India’s North Anchor State. After friendly consultations between the governments of China and India, China will open the Nathura Port on the border of the Tibet Autonomous Region and Sikkim to India to Indian pilgrims starting June 22, 2015. A new route for Indian pilgrims to go to Tibet for pilgrimage will be officially opened. After China opened Nathula Port, Indian pilgrims can take a car to reach the mountain via the Tibet Expressway and then climb the mountain in a short time. The pilgrimage route will be shortened to about 8 to 10 days, saving more than half of the time. However all pilgrims who hold Indian passports can only book with Chinese government specified foreign agents in Nepal and India, no travel agencies in Lhasa Tibet and organize Kailash tours for Indian passports holders. If you travel under other nationality, local Tibetan guide travel service can arrange it easily with the most affordable prices.

Kailash Journey – Tibet Local Guide – Lhasa based Travel Agency and Tibetan tour operators

Tibet Mount Kailash Travel Guidelines/Tips for Travelers

  • 1500 km to the northwest of Lhasa;
  • Mt. Kailash Tickets price: CNY150;
  • A licensed tour guide is a must, otherwise you are not able to enter;
  • A licensed tour vehicle (private car or shared car) is a must;
  • Only Middle April till September 30 accessible to this trekking trail;
  • Best season is between May20 and Sept.20;
  • 14-20 days roundtrip from and back to Lhasa is necessary;
  • More complicated Tibet permits are needed, foreign travelers need to book these tours at least 40 days in advance;
  • 1-3 travelers need to join a tour for better price;
  • 4-10 travelers better take a private and more comfortable/flexible Kailash tours;
  • Horse or porters ride hire 1-2 days in advance via guide assistance (not a must needed service at all for most travelers).
  • Price ranges from 1350 USD to 3000 USD, avoid top expensive offers as Tibet tourism is more competitive, tour services quality is more or less the similar.

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