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Lake Manasarovar – The Most Spiritual Journey to the Holy Lake of Tibet

Lake Manasarovar (Tibetan: མ་ཕམ་གཡུ་མཚོ།; Chinese: 玛旁雍错) also called Mapam Yumtso, as well as Manas Sarovar (in Sanskrit and several other Indian languages), is a high altitude freshwater lake fed by the Kailash Glaciers near Mount Kailash in the Tibet Autonomous Region, China. The lake is known as a sacred place in four religions: Bön, Buddhism, Hinduism and Jainism. Lake Manasarovar, Mapang Yomco (Tibetan meaning “undefeated blue lake”), Manasarovar is the highest average freshwater lake in the world (4,556 meters) . And it is located in the Pulan County, Tibet, China. It is a national nature reserve and a part of the autonomous region-level scenic spot. It has been included in the World Heritage Reserve List.

Lake Manasarovar Tour – Tibet Local Guide

Lake Manasarovar

Lake Manasarovar is a Hindu holy land. According to Hindu legends, it was created from the heart of the creation of the Brahma. The ancient Sanskrit called it “Mana Sarovar” and was composed of “Muna” (mind) and “Saro “W” (lake). Every year, many Hindus make pilgrimage to this lake. Indian mythology says this lake is a summer habitat for swans.

Prayer Flags beside Lake Manasarovar

The combination of Lake Manasarovar and Dangxiong County’s Lake Namtso and Lake Yamdrok of Langkazi County is called the “Three Great Sacred Lakes in Tibet”. Whenever the year of the sheep comes, in accordance with the tradition of Tibet, people have to walk around the lake in clockwise way, especially in the so-called big year of the sheep. Ma Pang Yong Tsowas mistakenly called “Sacred Lake” by Buddhism. This place may be the Ajidake Pond (without heat pond) mentioned in Buddhist scriptures, which is also the residence of the King of Ajitadelong. In summer and autumn, Buddhists help the elderly to bring their children to the “pilgrimage”, “bathing in the holy water” to “extend life”.

As Mapang Yongcuo is remote from the city center, it is best to bring some dry food and fast food to visit this place, because it is difficult to find shops selling food in this area. Here below you can read more travel tips and guidelines for Manasarovar Lake.

Tibet Lake Manasarovar Travel Guidelines/Tips for Travelers

  • Tickets price: CNY150;
  • A licensed tour guide is a must, otherwise you are not able to enter;
  • A licensed tour vehicle (private car or shared car) is a must;
  • Only Middle April till Oct.31 accessible to this lake;
  • Best season is between May20 and Sept.30;
  • 10-15 days roundtrip from and back to Lhasa is necessary;
  • More complicated Tibet permits are needed, foreign travelers need to book these tours at least 40 days in advance;
  • 1-3 travelers need to join a tour for better price;
  • 4-10 travelers better take a private and more comfortable/flexible Kailash tours.

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From Lake Manasarovar to Mountain Kailash

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