Namtso Lake – Tour to the Heavenly Lake of Lhasa, Tibet

Namtso or Lake Nam (Nam Co) “Heavenly Lake” is a mountain lake in TAR (Tibet Autonomous Region of China). It is on the border between Damxung County of Lhasa prefecture-level city and Baingoin County of Nagqu Prefecture in TAR , approximately 250 kilometres to the northwest of Lhasa, the sunshine city of Tibet.

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Travel information about Lake Namtso

Namtso is a famous tourist area in Tibet.  A chartered car is needed to travel to Namtso. The general itinerary is to depart from Lhasa at 7-8am and arrive in Namco at noon, and depart for Lhasa at 15-16 the same day or the next day. The asphalt road from Lhasa to Namtso is all about 4 hours by car. On the way, pass through Dangxiong County and the Nagenla Pass at 5190 meters above sea level. However, there are no long-distance buses from Dangxiong County to Namtso, and there are few passing cars, making it difficult to reach them directly.

Amazing Heaven Lake Namtso Tour – Tibetan Guide Travel Service

Namtso Lake Road and accommodation

The accommodation here is about 80 to 180 yuan per bed a night. Some rooms are facing the center of the lake. Be noted that the wind is strong at night, but the sound insulation effect of the house is average. Even if it is only about ten degrees after summer, it is necessary to wear thick clothes to sleep. In addition to the Tashi Peninsula Scenic Area, the entire Namutsuo Lake Ring Road is surrounded by dirt roads, a total of about 320 kilometers, of which about 300 kilometers are various dirt roads, which can be cycled and hiked around the lake. Walking around the lake are local believers. It takes about 2 weeks to go around the lake once. You can also travel by car. There are crowds along the way, but some mountain passes have poor road conditions. You need to pay attention to choosing the route.

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Tibet Namtso Lake Travel Guidelines/Tips 

  • Tickets price: Low Season November 1-April 30 CNY 60; High Season May1-Oct.31: CNY120
  • A licensed tour vehicle (private or shared) with driver is a must needed service;
  • 500 km round-trip, busy in one day but it is doable;
  • 2 days are not necessary (one night accommoation near the lake or at Damxung county is not comfortable);
  • Only if you have 3-4 people, private tour is more affordable, 1-3 people-not suggested for a private tour;
  • A licensed tour guide is a must, otherwise you are not be able to enter;
  • Follow your Tibetan guide’s instruction and the photograph policy inside;
  • May1 to Oct.10 is doable, other season is risky due to uncertain road and weather condition;
  • Please take passports, permits.
Amazing Heaven Lake Namtso Tour – Tibet Photography Travel

Take a Customized tour  to include Namtso Lake Attraction

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