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Tibet Local Guide travel service, the first Lhasa Local online Tibet tour booking gateway, is a group of Tibet tourism insiders. As one officially licensed Tibet tour company, with over 15 years experiences serving foreign travelers, we have a group of responsible Tibetan tour operators working as a team, and we keep creating more and more wonderful journeys in the Himalayan paradise. Customizing all kinds of private Tibet tours and arranging booking services for both private tours and classical small group tours is our daily work. As of December 2019, more than 10,000 clients anually traveled with us and enjoyed the magic and mystery of this holy land. And we will not let you down.

Feel like a personal tour as you learn about Tibetan evolution, explore popular tourist spots, and uncover the mysterious parts that large tour groups can’t go. If you are looking for the most rewarding Tibet tour, Tibet Local Guide can help you save up to 15% for an authentic and SAFE Tibetan journey!

COVID19 Update: "Please Stay at Home"

Is 2021 safe to travel to Tibet because of the virus? The COVID19 coronavirus is an ongoing pandemic and it spreads across the globe.We know this may be impacting your travel plans and we’re here to help. As countries opt for temporary travel restrictions and guidance may change frequently. Tibet sees a sharp decrease in both inbound and outbound tourism due to local and worldwide tourism restrictions. As of Oct.5, 2021, most attractions in Tibet are open, and Tibet permits is applicable for those foreign travelers who work and live in China.  If you meet the requirements and can provide all necessary documents to us, we can help you organize a quality Tibet tour in 2021. If there is further closure, we will update here.

Recommended Travel Destinations in Tibet - Where to Go?

Tibet travel destinations recommendation: Do not know where to go and what to see when planning a tour of Tibet? Which cities should be on the to go list? How can I get involved in 100% local Tibetan Culture? “Tibet local Guide” service team keep working hard selecting travel destinations and famous Tibet attractions and hope these web-pages will help you to solve these problems.

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Tibet Local Guide Travel Service team is a group of inbound tourism experts. We well select knowledgeable Tibetan guides who are deeply rooted to Tibetan culture and religion. All our Tibetan drivers are VERY familiar with every part of our road codes and surfaces. Our experienced Tibetan tours operators, reliable permits staff, booking staff and professional travel consultants will support your Tibet tour with our strong confidence. We are growing to be the online Tibet tours booking gateway. If you are interested in a tour of Tibet, we will organize your trip with better local deals. Feel free to email us: service@tibetctrip.com or info@tibetlocalguide.com.

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Rated 5 out of 5
January 23, 2020

I would like to recommend Tibet Local Guide Travel Service (initial online brand Tibet Ctrip Travel Company). I have known Tony, the agency funder since 2008. In 2008, I hired the services from this company to organize a 4 week tour to Tibet via China, for my group of 16 kiwi people, that unfortunately was cancelled due to the government closing the border. Also a massive earthquake to make a major problem for us as we waited for the border to reopen, the general manager Tony was dedicated enough to organize an alternative program B under the most difficult situation. In my opinion, it was the BEST tour I have taken over my extensive travelling for 18 years.( Egypt, Peru, India, Europe etc.)
In 2010 we finally got in to Tibet for a long journey covering the most sacred and spiritual destinations such as Mt. Kailash, Lake Manasarovar and Guge Kingdom, etc. All of the agent’s service staff were Tibetan people. They well selected Tibetan guides and Tibetan drivers, without them our Tibet spiritual journey couldn’t be better. Tony and the whole service team always tried best to support local Tibetan community via hiring pure Tibetan services. As being a professional travel organizer with decades’s traveling experiences in Tibet and many other provinces in China, Tony likes to explore new things and travel destinations. In 2016 Tony brought his family to New Zealand to research possibly bringing tours to NZ. After long time in Australia but too less time in New Zealand in 2016, Tony decided to take his family to NZ for almost one month in 2017 to do much deeper research in New Zealand. In July 2018 he then brought a group of 13 children aged around 10 who could speak English and 12 parents where I organised a tour of new Zealand for them. Here the parents saw great potential to bring children to new Zealand to help further their studies in English. I accompanied them and found all children delightful and well behaved, and a delight to experience New Zealand through all of their eyes. In my opinion, the best education a child could get, is travelling…and having to speak English.
My husband and I would therefore like to recommend Tony and the Tibet Local Guide travel service team as a hardworking, genuine travel service team wishing to help worldwide travelers to travel in Tibet with their most insight tourism knowledge. His team keep doing all they can to help the Tibetan people, due to the nature and passion their team have to help more travelers to Tibet. I feel travelling to other countries is the best education out and also to unite this world to realise we are all ONE.
I am therefore more than prepared to answer any questions that you might have in regarding Tibet Local Guide travel service team and their passion to help create more jobs for local Tibetan people, and also bring down the tour prices for overseas travelers. You will enjoy their services, and of course they will improve and grow to be better company with their wisdom on sharing, cooperation, supporting locals. More Tibetan operators also joined the gateway tourism websites and worked as an authentic and energetic team.
Gail Nicholls (ND. DipClinHyp. LBL.)
( Garry Nicholls. JP)
Gail F Nicholls – Author of 《Remember Who You Are》
Speedwell Clinic and Tours, Howick, Auckland, New Zealand
ND.DipClinHyp.LBL(TNI reg USA) Author / Guest Speaker.
Ph +64 9 535 4065 / 021 537 055
Email speedwell@xtra.co.nz

Gail Nicholls

2020 Tibet Tourism Latest Updates

Tibet and worldwide tourism becomes unique nowadays. From December 2019 onward, we keep updating the Tibet inbound tourism situation. So worldwide travelers can take the opportunity get the most practical and timely information about Tibet travel. Should you have any questions and expect thorough, informative and insights answers from our Tibet tourism experts, you can also feel free to send us emails and we will answer you in no more than 24 hours! View More Tibet Tourism News Update

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